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Restaurant MDM

Remotely Manage Devices Across All Your Locations

Technology is changing the way restaurant goers are expecting their dining experience to be. Restaurant managers and owners are responding by delivering a more modern and engaging experience by using customer-facing iOS and Android devices. Moki helps restaurants improve dining experience, see faster table-turnover time, and increase sales. Moki’s MDM (mobile device management) platform is helping restaurants remain relevant, improve customer satisfaction, increase employee retention and satisfaction, save time and money, and increase sales.

Turn dining into a full entertainment experience

Restaurants use Moki to manage their device deployments for these common industry scenarios:

Improve Marketing and Promotions

Digital signage enables restaurants to inform, promote, and communicate current specials and messages in an ever-changing dynamic format. Using video, text, audio, and photos, digital signage can be a tool for marketing, displaying customer wait times and status, showcasing menus, and much more. Some restaurants are reporting a 20–30% increase in appetizer and dessert sales due to implementing tabletop customer-facing devices. Use Moki to publish the latest marketing materials across all your locations instantly.

Develop Loyal Customers

Moki provides restaurant owners with the tools to offer customers the opportunity to join loyalty programs, sign up for special rewards, redeem coupons, and much more. These devices are super easy to deploy and are typically custom-tailored to suit your brand and your business. With digital loyalty kiosks, you can completely eliminate the need for paper or plastic punch cards that are easily lost and forgotten. Patrons can also fill out surveys, leave reviews, play games and pay directly from their table. Use Moki to lock down your devices to a single app or web url to ensure you can capture this critical customer information.

Enhance Customer Experiences

Restaurants are deploying handheld iOS and Android devices for waiters and waitresses that allow restaurants to improve their customers’ experiences with an increase in order accuracy, faster fulfillment time, and optimized restaurant processes. Customer orders can be printed on tickets for kitchen staff or pushed to a back-kitchen Android or iOS device with relative ease. Use Moki to provide secure mPOS stations for your customers to pay from the comfort of their table.

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"In the restaurant business, time is not on your side. When devices are down or not working properly, restaurants lose money. With Moki, we have been able to reduce our downtime drastically, and with Moki's custom alerting, we can proactively fix problems before they arise. Moki has drastically improved our systems and has helped us improve the overall customer experience. "


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