Provide easy to manage, secure account access points for customers.

Financial MDM

Securely Lock Down Your MDM Devices

Banks, credit unions, lenders, and financial service providers are beginning to deploy digital devices to engage customers and improve customer experience. Mobile technology has enabled the advent and growth of digital point-of-sale (ePOS and mPOS) systems and financial companies are deploying digital solutions to remain relevant, improve customer satisfaction, increase employee retention and satisfaction, save time and money, and increase sales. Moki allows financial organizations to secure these devices quickly and easily, remotely manage content and device settings, and be alerted if issues arise. Moki’s MDM platform helps these organizations.

Provide Customers with New Digital Experiences

Financial professionals trust Moki to manage their device deployments for these common industry scenarios:

Ensure Information Security

Using Moki to lockdown customer facing devices to a single banking website allows you to use digital kiosks which let users access their accounts securely and automatically logs them out when they walk away.

Provide Self-Serve Digital Kiosks

Financial organizations around the globe are deploying single-use or single-purpose digital kiosk devices across different sites to perform a wide variety of tasks including devices for loan applications; devices used in retail stores to apply for credit cards; devices for self-checkout or payment processing at brick-and-mortar stores and restaurants; devices provided to retail employees to process payments around their stores; devices used to pay cellular and utility bills; and devices for sending money to friends or family. Digital kiosks facilitate digital interactions that would have historically been facilitated face-to-face or on pen and paper. They cut costs and create enhanced experiences for financial customers. Moki gives financial organizations the tools needed to lock down their single-use or single-purpose devices to an app or website, remotely update content and device settings in seconds, and receive alerts if issues arise.

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