To compete in the manufacturing industry, companies are expected to increase their output without compromising quality, all while lowering costs. It seems like an unattainable goal, but Moki’s solutions are designed to help.

Streamline Manufacturing Issues

Some examples of how customers use Moki to manage manufacturing-specific device deployments include the following:

Transform Accuracy and Communication

Using Moki’s enterprise mobility management system enables manufacturers to easily keep customers up to date on accurate inventory and supply chain information. Manufacturers can also analyze current output and how they need to adapt in order to fulfill the needs of their customers in a timely and cost effective manner.

Maximize Output

Moki’s MDM platform eliminates the need for employees to waste time troubleshooting devices. Remote accessibility allows for employees to continue working while their devices are updating, all without the need of an IT technician to physically be present. Not only does this make things easier for IT professionals and the workers using the devices, but it will also reduce downtime, travel, and overtime costs.

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