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Tablet-Based Digital Kiosks

Digital kiosks provide new opportunities for businesses to engage with customers, providing self-service and educational tools. Moki’s remote management capabilities make it easy to quickly deploy, monitor and control tablet-based kiosks. Moki Kiosk mode allows you to lock down your devices to selected URLs and applications to create consistent end-user experiences.

Deliver Immersive Self-Service Experiences Using Moki Locked Devices

Reduce IT Administration Costs
It may seem impossible to manage several or even thousands of devices from a single location, but with Moki Total Control, you can effectively support a large fleet of Digital Kiosks with ease. Use Moki to remotely control your devices, update your apps, profiles, and device settings without needing to touch your devices physically. Schedule updates to go live at time when your Digital Kiosks are not being used, as not to interrupt your customer’s interaction.

**Remote Control only available for Android devices

Moki Device Support Solutions

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