Digital Kiosks

Digital Kiosks by Moki are customizable self-service solutions that enable businesses to engage customers. Our digital kiosk remote management solutions are designed to meet the unique needs of digital-first companies and provide an optimized customer experience.

Remote Kiosk Management Software that Enhances the Self-Service Experience

Moki’s MDM solution for digital kiosks allows businesses to effortlessly manage and maintain their digital kiosk fleet with our remote kiosk management software. Now, businesses can quickly deploy, control, and monitor their tablet-based digital kiosk from any location.

With Moki’s digital kiosk remote management capabilities, businesses can enjoy greater efficiency, ease of use, and peace of mind in maintaining their fleet of kiosks. The result is an enhanced self-service experience for users and improved business operations for the enterprise.

Low Touch Deployment

Low Touch Deployment is one of the key features of Moki’s kiosk management software that allows for easy deployment of large device fleets. With minimal user intervention, it is cost-effective and simple to use and set up. This feature provides a swift and efficient process for fleet management, making it the perfect solution for businesses looking to streamline their kiosk operations.

Remote Kiosk Management

With Moki’s MDM for Digital Kiosk, remote device management is the easiest part of your day. Our device group and tagging features allow for efficient management by any desired custom criteria. For example, location, region, content displayed, etc. With this, device content and software can be updated with just a few clicks, reducing the time and effort needed for manual updates. Plus, users receive timely alerts for potential issues to ensure seamless operations while remaining in full control of their digital kiosk fleet.

Enhanced Security

Ensuring digital kiosks are used only for their intended purpose is paramount for business owners. Our mobile device management (MDM) solution provides advanced security for your devices through lockdown functionality to selected URLs or applications. With this feature, business owners can rest assured that their kiosks are only being used for intended purposes, protecting them from unauthorized access.

Excellent Support

Moki provides exceptional support to ensure a smooth remote management experience. Our team of experts is always available to provide technical assistance and ensure that your devices are running efficiently. With Moki, all your devices are up to date with the latest apps, profiles, and settings without having to manage them physically. Our system is available for Android, iOS, and BrightSign devices, simplifying remote management of large numbers  devices across multiple locations.

Moki Kiosk Use Cases

There’s no limit on which businesses can benefit from Moki’s remote kiosk management software.

MDM Solution for Kiosks: Drive Customer Engagement and Increase Sales

Moki provides mobile device management (MDM) solutions for businesses operating within a wide range of industries. MDM is a critical piece of infrastructure for any business that relies on mobile devices. Kiosks are becoming increasingly popular, and Moki’s MDM solution tailored specifically for kiosks is the perfect way to ensure that your fleet of kiosks is running smoothly. In this blog post, we will discuss the benefits of Moki’s MDM solution for kiosks and why your business should consider Moki as its go-to MDM provider.

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Ready to Transform Your Business with Moki's Digital Kiosks?

Don’t let the opportunity to revolutionize customer interactions and streamline operations pass you by. Contact Moki today, and our team will guide you on leveraging Moki’s digital kiosks for your unique business needs. Embrace the future of self-service with Moki. 

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