Empower students and educators with content from delivered from single-purpose tablet devices.

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Deliver Easy to Manage Educational Resources

As students become more engaged with modern technology, so should outdated school systems. Moki enables universities and schools to deploy solutions that keep students on task, save money on textbooks, aid in the education process, and provide study room management.

Provide Dynamic Student Experiences with Moki

Universities and school systems trust Moki to manage their device deployments for these common industry scenarios:

Provide Interactive Experiences via Digital Kiosks

Universities and schools around the globe are deploying single-use or single-purpose digital kiosk devices across their universities and schools for devices used to purchase snacks from school cafes and lunch rooms, devices used to purchase items from bookstores, devices used to fill out and sign forms and more. Digital kiosks are cutting costs as well as creating enhanced experiences for students. Moki gives educational institutions the tools needed to lock down their single-use or single-purpose devices to an app or website, to remotely update content and device settings in seconds, and to receive alerts if issues arise.

Manage Conference and Study Room Bookings

Colleges and universities are deploying digital meeting and study room booking devices that prevent double bookings, interrupted study sessions, and confusion. Room booking devices allow students to focus on getting things done, rather than having to deal with the hassle of not knowing whether or not a study or meeting room is available. These devices help save time and allow students to book available rooms from their computers or cell phones easily. These devices are generally secured to a room booking application or website. Moki gives library management or university IT the tools needed to lock down their meeting and conference room booking devices to an app or website, remotely update content and device settings in seconds, and receive alerts if issues arise.

Provide Digital Text-book Alternatives

In order to furnish students with lower cost alternatives than traditional printed textbooks, some universities have opted to use single-purpose tablets that deliver interactive educational resources. These devices increase student engagement, address multiple learning styles, and offer new and exciting ways to educators to interact with students and assess their performance. Using Moki, university IT departments can monitor the health of these devices, and remotely publish content updates across entire campuses.

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"Moki's robust product suite has allowed us to fully lock down our devices so that our students stay on task and don't use the tablets for anything other than what they were intended for. "


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