MDM for Education

Enables schools and universities to seamlessly manage single-purpose tablet devices and create highly engaging learning experiences while significantly reducing costs and resource consumption.

The Best MDM Solution for Schools with a Forward-Thinking Approach

Moki’s MDM for Schools enhances security with device lockdown, simplifies troubleshooting and deployment, and enables remote content modification for timely updates. Efficiently manage multi-purpose spaces with coordinated scheduling, ensuring seamless device fleet organization across your educational institution.

The Benefits of Mobile Device Management in Education

Improved student engagement

Frees up time for administration staff

Better coordination across the board

New ways to assess and track student performance

MDM in Schools Paves the Way

Investing in Mobile Device Management (MDM) with Moki empowers educational institutions to optimize learning environments through streamlined technology integration. Schools can use single-purpose tablet devices and Moki’s robust management platform to enhance student engagement, facilitate immersive learning experiences, and effectively manage study spaces. Additionally, MDM solutions contribute to significant cost reductions by minimizing paper waste and labor expenses, making it essential for modern, digitally-focused educational systems.

The Common Challenges Solved by Moki's MDM Solution for Schools Include:

Time-consuming or complicated study room booking is effectively streamlined

Expensive and outdated textbooks can be eliminated from some curriculums

Remote troubleshooting & updates capabilities take up less time and resources

The need for a solution that has lockdown capabilities to keep students focused and on track

Offering Classroom Device Management, Coordinated Scheduling Systems, Easy Device Deployment & More

Manage Study Room Bookings & Campus Wide Updates

Moki’s MDM solution streamlines conference and study room reservations for educational institutions. Using digital booking devices, students can easily secure appointments, reducing double bookings and saving administrators’ time. Moki’s platform enables efficient dissemination of campus updates for a well-coordinated academic environment.

Alternative to Traditional Textbooks

Embrace Moki’s cost-effective MDM solutions as an exciting alternative to traditional textbooks. Discover interactive learning with single-purpose tablets, fostering enriched learning experiences, seamless access to diverse resources, and enhanced teacher-student interaction.

Classroom Device Management

Moki MDM enhances education by empowering educators to monitor student activity, provide real-time progress updates to parents, and manage various classroom devices, including tech tables and even TVs. With lockdown capabilities and efficient fleet management, Moki ensures focused learning and smooth classroom operations.

Who We Help

There are many ways for organizations and individuals to use MDM solutions. In every industry there are many places where mobile devices are improving customer experience and employee productivity.

Moki’s MDM solution empowers educators at daycares, K-12 schools, and universities by tracking student activities, managing devices, and ensuring focused learning through lockdown capabilities.

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