Android Agent for MDM

Moki’s Android Agent for MDM offers robust Android device management capabilities, allowing companies to control and interact with their Android device fleets remotely. With advanced MDM features like troubleshooting and support for thousands of devices, Moki’s Android remote control provides a comprehensive solution for managing company-owned Android devices.

Why Businesses Need a Powerful Android MDM Solution for Operations

Businesses encounter numerous challenges in the absence of Android MDM. These include security threats and susceptibility to device hacks, theft, and loss. As a result, businesses are exposed to unauthorized access to sensitive data, which can harm their reputation. Moreover, the absence of management capabilities and visibility into device functionality without Android MDM makes it challenging to perform troubleshooting, configuration, and updates. As a result, companies may experience decreased productivity and increased downtime. 

By implementing Moki’s Android MDM solution, businesses can take a proactive approach to keeping devices safe and secure while providing IT teams with the necessary visibility and control to manage their device fleet efficiently.

Harness the Potential of Moki's Android Agent

Businesses can utilize Moki’s Android Agent for a variety of use cases, including:

  • Moki-Android-Agent-Application-Locks
    Lockdown device fleet to single or multiple applications
  • Moki-Android-Agent-Device-File
    Pull and send files from devices
  • Moki-Android-Agent-Samsung-Devices
    Manage, control, and configure Samsung devices
  • Moki-Android-Agent-Certified-Devices
    Manage non-Google-certified devices
  • Moki-Android-Agent-OS-Updates
    Perform firmware or OS updates to devices or peripherals attached
  • Moki-Android-Agent-App-Permission
    Create, grant, or deny permissions within applications
  • Moki-Android-Agent-Bulk-Enroll-Devices
    Bulk enroll devices with pre-registration

How Moki Solves Android Device Pain Points

Moki’s Android Agent is a robust MDM solution that simplifies the management of Android devices, offering remote capabilities to address common pain points. With Moki, IT administrators gain the ability to remotely control and manage Android devices, including performing updates, configuring settings, and preventing unauthorized use by locking down devices. Additionally, Moki facilitates the seamless installation of apps and settings profiles. 

With Android remote control, Moki streamlines the entire device management process, leading to reduced support costs and enhanced device functionality.

Discover the Advantages of Moki's Android MDM

Android remote control with Moki opens up various opportunities for companies looking to streamline and secure their device management processes, including:

Enhanced device security

Complete access to your devices

Limited end-user interaction

Improved device visibility

Streamlined device operations

Excellent support from our team

Streamlining Mobile Device Management for Androids

Moki enables quick and effortless implementation of your mobile device fleet and streamlines device updates and maintenance from one remote location.

This was recently exemplified by a customer of Moki’s who needed to update their fleet of Android devices but faced the daunting task of manually updating each device. Moki enabled them to quickly and efficiently implement updates from one place without visiting every device physically. With Moki’s help, this customer could complete the entire process remotely. 

Who We Work With

Moki works with businesses spanning various sizes, including:


Small Businesses

Non-Profit Organizations

Large Corporations

Contact Moki & Gain Total Control of Android Device Management

Moki’s Android Agent is a comprehensive solution for managing company-owned Android devices. With advanced MDM features, businesses can enhance security, streamline operations, and improve end-user experience. 

Contact us today to learn more about how Moki’s Android remote control can transform your business operations. 

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