MDM for Nonprofits

Moki’s MDM platform helps non-profit museums, government institutions, credit unions, community organizations, churches, and others improve customer satisfaction, retain employees, save time, & increase sales.

Engage Your Surrounding Community with the Power of MDM for Nonprofits

Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions from Moki provide a cost-effective and efficient way to manage mobile device fleets for Nonprofit organizations (NPOs). Our solutions enable NPOs to enhance engagement with their surrounding community by allowing secure and optimized access to their website, social media platforms, and other interactive applications.

The Benefits of Using Moki in Nonprofit Settings

The benefits of using Moki’s MDM solutions for NPOs are far-reaching for growing organizations seeking to make an impact. This includes:

  • Moki-NonProfit-Efficiency
    Greater Efficiency
  • Moki-NonProfit-Cost Effective
    Cost Effectiveness
  • Moki-NonProfit-Revenue
    Increased Revenue
  • Moki-NonProfit-Remote
    Remote Management from Anywhere
  • Moki-NonProfit-Access
    Improved Access to Services

Why Choose Moki's MDM Solution for NPOs?

Nonprofit organizations need reliable and efficient management solutions for their mobile devices, and Moki’s MDM offers just that. With a centralized platform for software and content updates, troubleshooting, and device management, NPOs can save time and resources while ensuring their mobile devices are always up-to-date and secure. Moki’s MDM also allows for better communication with the community, improving engagement and outreach efforts.

MDM Solves for the Unique Challenges NPOs Face

Nonprofit Organizations have unique challenges that require innovative solutions. With limited resources and tight budgets, managing a fleet of mobile devices while also maintaining strong community engagement can be difficult. Moki’s MDM for Nonprofit Organizations provides a comprehensive solution to these challenges.

With Moki, organizations can remotely manage and update devices, troubleshoot issues, and lock devices to specific applications. This allows nonprofit staff to focus on what matters most – making a positive impact in their communities. With Moki’s MDM, nonprofits can achieve more efficient, effective, and secure device management while maximizing their outreach and impact.

Increase Community Impact, Save Resources, & Maximize Efficiency with Moki

Nonprofit organizations always seek to maximize their impact on their communities while saving time and resources. With Moki’s MDM solution, NPOs can achieve this goal. Our platform provides end-users with an easy means of giving feedback and improves access to services offered by NPOs. Using Moki, nonprofit organizations can focus on their core mission while enhancing their reach and impact on the community.

MDM Projects Nonprofits Can Do

Nonprofits can leverage Moki’s MDM solutions to enhance community engagement and streamline device management. Some examples include:

Digital Kiosks for Credit Unions

Credit Unions can leverage MDM for digital kiosks in their lobby area for members to access their accounts, schedule services, and more.

Digital Signage to Communicate Events & Messages

Moki’s digital signage solutions can be used for NPOs to communicate events and essential information to the community.

Donation Kiosks

Donation kiosks can be used in NPO settings to collect donations and funds for charitable causes.

Mobile Devices

Government transport organizations can track their vehicles while communicating with drivers via mobile devices managed by Moki’s solutions.

MDM Solutions for Nonprofits: Boosting Engagement & Serving Communities

Nonprofit organizations (NPOs) are often faced with limited resources, tight budgets, and the challenge to maximize the impact of their outreach to communities. Fortunately, mobile device management (MDM) solutions provide a cost-effective and efficient way for nonprofits to manage their mobile devices and engage with their communities effectively.

Who We Serve

Moki’s MDM solutions are designed for any nonprofit organization, including:

Credit Unions


Charitable Organizations

Community Organizations


Government Institutions

Contact Moki & See the MDM Difference at Your NPO

Start engaging your community, streamlining your operations, and maximizing your impact with our tailored solutions. Reach out to us today to learn more about how our MDM solutions can help your nonprofit organization.

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