Case Studies

Moki delivers MDM solutions that make managing your fleet of devices quick and simple. See how Moki customers are using their custom-tailored solutions.

Featured Customer Success Stories

Touch&Tell enables businesses to stay on top of their game by collecting valuable customer feedback & contact data.
Churchill Forge relies on mobile devices to collect information from renters. With Moki, they securely manage their devices with ease.
UMA needed to remotely manage customer panels and allow customers to use Android touch panels; Moki had the right solution.
OnQ employs the Moki solution to support its growing network of interactive digital displays.
SteraScreen uses Moki to remotely access its digital automatic hand sanitizing station displays.
Moki enables ConnectUs to deploy secure health study devices for patient use at home.
The University of Connecticut uses Moki to lock Android devices to a study room scheduling application.
Moki enables Fanzz to deliver an iPad-based endless aisle kiosk to sell more products and help the customers find what they want.
With Moki, SimpleGive took iPads and turned them into “giving kiosks” that enable non-profits to accept and track card payments.
Rodizio Grill installed iPad based Digital Kiosks with Moki Total Control to browse menus and tell Rodizio’s unique story.
RAB Lighting experienced a 40% increase in LED sales by using Customer Facing Devices powered by Moki.
Moki enables North American Bancard (NAB) to develop and deploy PayAnywhere Storefront, a tablet-based mobile point-of-sale solution.
Walgreens gathers thousands of email addresses for its rewards program using Customer Facing Devices powered by Moki.
Moki enables The Juilliard School to wow prospective students and families using Customer Facing Devices.
The Andy Warhol Museum uses Customer Facing Devices powered by Moki to educate visitors on key pieces of art.
The Columbia Sportswear Company uses Moki to reinforce its brand heritage on Customer Facing Devices in stores.
Estee Lauder employs Moki to control Customer Facing Devices that educate customers on Estee Lauder products and benefits.
The Adidas Group adds digital interactivity to its retail locations using Customer Facing Devices powered by Moki.
Moki enabled The Hershey's Company to gather customer email and contact information using Customer Facing Devices.
Marriott International provides additional guest amenities using Customer Facing Devices powered by Moki.
Moki enables the NYC Department of Health to increase patient engagement and educate patients using Customer Facing Devices.
The New York Public Library interacts with patrons and collects feedback on its projects and services using Moki powered devices.

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