Digital Kiosks Drive Loyalty Program Registrations CASE STUDY: The Walgreen Company

The Challenge

How To Increase Customer Registration For Rewards Program

The Walgreen’s Way to Well Health Tour with AARP is one of the charitable programs that is part of the Walgreens Way to Well Commitment, a four-year, $100 million initiative to improve the everyday health of Americans nationwide.

The Way to Well Health Tour travels the country delivering free health tests, education and consultations to adults 18 and over.

Since its inception, the tour has delivered more than four million health tests valued at almost $80 million. At the tour, the visitors also learn about Walgreen’s Balance Rewards and receive tutorials on how to use fitness devices and digital applications to help track their personal health and fitness goals.

Visitors often show interest in Balanced Rewards but forget to sign-up for it once they leave the site. Walgreen wanted to provide a way for visitors to sign-up for balanced rewards on the spot.

The solution

Customer Facing Devices Provide Easy And Effective Way For Customer Registrations

Walgreens deployed Customer Facing Devices (iPad based Digital Kiosks) in all of The Way to Well Health Tour buses. These devices travelled the country for in the tour buses and provide a secure, convenient and cost effective way for customers to sign-up for the Balanced Rewards program in the tour bus.

About The Walgreen Company

The Walgreen Company is the largest drug retailing chain in the United States. The company operates 8,217 stores in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. The Walgreens headquarters office is in the Chicago suburb of Deerfield, Illinois.

Walgreen’s had 176,000 employees and generated $72 billion in revenue in 2013.

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