MDM for Transportation

Moki for Transportation offers mobile device management (MDM) solutions to streamline processes and improve internal device visibility for transportation companies. With MDM, check-in processes for air travelers can be easily managed, while mobile assets can be effectively tracked by deploying kiosks at truck stops, airports, and transportation fleets.

The Transportation Industry Needs a Robust MDM Solution

The transportation industry is faced with the challenge of managing a large number of mobile devices and kiosks spread across different locations. Without a robust Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution, updating, configuring, or troubleshooting can consume time and resources, leading to device fleet downtime and inefficiencies. In addition, the security of these devices is of utmost importance as they could be used for unauthorized purposes.

How Can Transportation Companies Benefit from MDM?

Transportation companies can reap a number of benefits from implementing MDM solutions, including:

  • Moki-Transportation-Communication-Management
    Improved communication management
  • Moki-Transportation-Track-Mobile-Device
    Easily keep track of mobile devices
  • Moki-Transportation-Visibility-Multiple-Devices
    Maintain visibility across mobile devices

Improve iOS, Android, and BrightSign Device Fleet Operations All On One Remote Platform

Moki’s MDM solution provides transportation companies with a centralized management platform to oversee and control their entire device fleet. With Moki, you can:

  • Complete remote updates and configurations 
  • Effortlessly troubleshoot devices 
  • Use lockdown capabilities to ensure the intended use of devices

Use MDM for Real-time Updates, Check-in, Vehicle Tracking & More

Transportation Companies

With Moki, transportation companies can deploy digital kiosks across their fleet and stops to collect data such as vehicle stats and fuel economy while tracking the location of vehicles. This enables users to efficiently manage their assets and provide real-time updates on arrival times.

Airport Kiosks

Moki’s MDM solutions also cater to airport kiosks, making it easier for travelers to purchase tickets, check in, print or scan boarding passes, and even order food. Now, travelers can enjoy a streamlined travel process and reduced wait times.

Transport Communication

Communication updates are vital in the transportation industry. With Moki’s content management system, transportation companies can easily push digital messages to kiosks and mobile devices to inform passengers of departure and arrival times, routes, fares, and other important updates.

Streamlining Transportation Operations with MDM

As businesses in the transportation industry look for ways to increase efficiency and improve operations, leveraging Mobile Device Management (MDM) is becoming an increasingly popular solution. MDM is a powerful tool that enables remote control of mobile devices, device fleet management, and other tools to manage different aspects of transportation operations easily. This post will explore all the benefits and potential use cases of MDM for transportation and real-life examples of Moki’s MDM customers who already see the rewards this technology can bring.

Who We Work With

Moki’s MDM solutions are tailored to meet the needs of various transportation companies such as:

Transit Organizations


Transportation Companies

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Streamline operations, improve internal visibility, and provide a seamless experience for your travelers with Moki’s MDM solutions. 

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