Forward-looking transit organizations, airports, and transportation companies are looking to customer-facing iOS and Android devices to improve and optimize their businesses. The Moki platform delivers the features they need.

Provide travelers with modern interactive information

Transportation companies and organizations trust Moki to manage their device deployments for these common industry scenarios:

Track Assets

Transit organizations, airports, and transportation companies are deploying digital kiosk devices across their transportation fleets, stops, and airports to collect data about vehicle stats, fuel economy and keep track of where and when the vehicles will arrive. These devices can be mounted in the cockpit of a bus with route information for bus drivers to view and simultaneously allow managers at their headquarters keep tabs.

Simplify the Stress of Travel

Moki gives transportation providers the tools to make travel easier for their customers. These devices make it easy for customers to purchase tickets and employees have a simple way to print or scan tickets, and process payments. Checking baggage, ordering food and interacting with a directory or map is made easier with kiosks that improve customer satisfaction.

Manage Communication

Transportation and transit companies are deploying MDM devices to inform, promote and communicate digital messages such as departure and arrival times of buses, trains, or planes and allow easy viewing of routes and fares. These devices can also display third-party advertising.

"Moki Has Enabled Us To Lock Down Our Driver's Devices So That They Have Access To The Tools And Resources That They Need, But Don't Use The Devices For Anything That We Did Not Intend. This Has Not Only Saved Us Time But Thousands Of Dollars In Excess Data Usage. "
Siemens Transportation Group

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