Streamlining Transportation Operations with MDM

As businesses in the transportation industry look for ways to increase efficiency and improve operations, leveraging Mobile Device Management (MDM) is becoming an increasingly popular solution. MDM is a powerful tool that enables remote control of mobile devices, device fleet management, and other tools to manage different aspects of transportation operations easily. This post will explore all the benefits and potential use cases of MDM for transportation and real-life examples of Moki’s MDM customers who already see the rewards this technology can bring.

Using MDM for Device Fleet Management in Transportation

Managing a device fleet is crucial for transportation organizations, as manually handling each device can drain time and resources, especially for larger fleets. With MDM, however, transportation companies gain the advantage of managing all the devices remotely from a single location, making for a more operationally efficient system. 

Essential tasks like performing updates for the system and apps and troubleshooting issues can be done without being physically present at the device location. Additionally, transportation companies using MDM can monitor the status of a device in real-time while ensuring that all resources are being deployed as efficiently as possible.

The Benefits of Mobile Device Remote Control in Transportation

The ability to remotely control mobile devices in the transportation industry provides many benefits and use cases. This includes device assets being in vehicles for tracking purposes, kiosks at travel centers, and even devices used by travelers. With MDM, users can troubleshoot or perform updates without physically handling the devices. 

MDM also assists in communication between the company and its vehicles, enabling remote support and consistent updates. Various transportation companies can benefit from MDM streamlining operations and improving customer satisfaction.

Here are some viable use-cases of MDM in transportation:

Tracking & Status Updates 

Users can place devices on the vehicle to track vehicle location and stats such as fuel economy, while providing accurate status updates. Moreover, Transit organizations can also 

use devices within their hubs for managers to track the fleet that is currently en route.

Digital Kiosk for Transportation Hubs

Transportation hubs can deploy digital kiosks for customers to purchase tickets, check route information, check baggage, order food, and even use digital directories and maps.

Ride-share Entertainment 

Ride-share drivers like taxis, Uber, or Lyft can place tablets in the vehicle to provide riders with entertainment, payment options, and display advertising throughout the ride.

How Moki Customers Use MDM for Transportation 

Moki offers the best resources to get the most out of your MDM solution, regardless of your industry or use case. For our customers in the transportation sector, using MDM for fuel management, logistics, and communication has resulted in a more streamlined and efficient operation.

Here are some of the most innovative ways Moki customers have used MDM in transportation:

Fuel Management

One Moki customer deploys mobile tablets with airlines and airports to assist with fuel management. Another customer of ours works with fuel management on semi trucks and deploys tablets in the trucks for driver fuel management assistance and vehicle tracking.

Nautical Shipping

For this Moki customer working in nautical shipping, tablets are deployed at their ports for tracking shipments, assisting in shipping logistics, and more. They also have phones used by their managers for communication.

Public Transportation

Moki has helped customers using devices on public transportation for asset tracking and driver communication. 

Moki: Offering Comprehensive Device Fleet Management for Transportation

The transportation sector can benefit tremendously from harnessing the power of Mobile Device Management (MDM). MDM can help transportation companies improve operations, increase efficiency, and better serve their customers by providing a single-point control for device fleet management, enabling real-time updates and remote troubleshooting. 

Moki is a leading provider of efficient and comprehensive MDM solutions, catering to diverse needs across transportation and beyond. Contact Moki today to navigate the path to a more streamlined, efficient, and customer-centric operation.


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