Remote Control Into Your Devices With Ease

Remote control features on MDM solutions give you the ability to easily manage fleets of devices from anywhere to update applications and profiles, set device behavior, schedule events and troubleshoot issues. You have the option to manage individual devices, groups of devices, or all of your devices at once. This remote feature helps save time, increase productivity and most importantly allows changes to be made and devices to be worked on from anywhere. In this blog we will highlight how remote control assists with different types of devices. 

Digital Signage

When you think of digital signage devices, they tend to have high customer visibility. Because of their placement, these devices are often left unattended as they are displayed in stores, restaurants, buildings and other high-trafficked areas. Our customers often ask us to remote into kiosks to verify what is currently being displayed or played on the screen. Customers can use it for proof of play for advertisements on digital signage. The remote feature allows admins to troubleshoot or work on the device configuration changes without being near the device. It is also helpful because when you remote in to provide support or make updates, you will see the screen exactly how your end-user is seeing it. Another added benefit is that you can run these updates or troubleshoot after-hours when digital signage visibility isn’t as high to ensure you don’t affect customer experience.


Moki’s remote management capabilities make it easy to quickly deploy, monitor and control tablet-based kiosks. Kiosks are often used by a high number of end users, making the device management extremely critical. Like digital signage devices, running updates and troubleshooting after hours is helpful with kiosks as well. With Moki Kiosk mode enabled on a device, you can remote in to ensure all desired items are locked down and the necessary URLs and applications are the only thing accessible to create consistent end-user experiences.

Point-of-Sale Devices

For POS, warehouse, and other devices with a user utilizing the devices at a high frequency, troubleshooting and resolving issues can be very time-sensitive. The remote control feature allows customers to quickly work with someone on the device and easily view the screen to see exactly what the device user is seeing. It can also be used to verify that the proper items are currently displayed on the device when configuration changes are made remotely. With point-of-sale, another option is to limit the remote control functionality to remote  only, if they are needed for payment terminals for security compliance. In addition, remote control can also be disabled in the account entirely if needed for the same reason. 

Whether your devices are digital signage, kiosks or POS, Moki gives you the ability to have full remote control functionality of your Android and BrightSign devices. This allows you to see the screen of your device as if you were physically standing in front of it. You can also use your computer’s mouse and keyboard to interact remotely with your devices. When approval is given, we also have the capability to remote into your device fleet to troubleshoot support issues and make updates from our location. Want to learn more about this feature and other Moki features, view our eBook. 



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