Why Moki

Manage & monitor your mobile devices from one easy-to-use platform.

Moki Offers the Best MDM Solution For Any Business

Moki offers premier MDM Solutions designed to make managing your  devices the least stressful part of your day. With Moki, users can easily manage and monitor mobile device fleets from one centralized platform, saving time and money on labor costs. Moki even supports Android,  iOS, and BrightSign platforms, so no matter what devices your business has deployed, your bases will always be covered.

Android Agent

Android Agent

Moki's Android Agent offers a comprehensive device admin solution that enables businesses to monitor, secure, and remotely manage their company-owned Android devices.

Compatible with thousands of devices and hundreds of device manufacturers, our Android Agent MDM platform offers complete control over Android devices and can support thousands of devices simultaneously.

Android Enterprise

Android Enterprise

Moki provides enterprise-grade Android device management with kiosk lockdown, secure devices for payment processing, and robust remote device functionality restriction capabilities.

Our all-encompassing platform enables businesses to remotely manage Android devices from a unified dashboard, allowing them to customize devices to meet business-specific needs.



Moki provides the ultimate enterprise mobility management solution for iOS devices.

Our secure monitoring system ensures all devices are up-to-date and performing optimally. Advanced features like home screen layout, lost mode, secure devices for payment processing, and device lockdown help you keep your fleet of iOS devices safe and secure.



Moki's BrightSign platform provides a powerful and easy-to-use mobile device management platform for your BrightSign devices.

Help improve customer experience, increase impact, and reduce operational costs for your digital signage deployments. Our cloud-based remote management platform allows businesses to monitor their BrightSign devices from anywhere.


Custom Solution

Moki provides an all-in-one solution to help businesses transform their general-use mobile devices into kiosks with customized applications and easy remote management capabilities.

Our SDK and API allow for easy customization of applications and convenient remote management, making it easier than ever to offer a more tailored experience to customers.

Key MDM Features Offered by Moki

Mobile Device Lockdown

Moki’s mobile device lockdown features provide businesses with an added layer of security. With Moki’s launcher and kiosk application and built-in remote settings management, companies have the power to customize their devices according to their brand while also locking down content and applications through Moki’s single-purpose devices.

Mobile Device Management

Moki provides a comprehensive MDM platform for managing and securing any size mobile device fleet. Our solution enables real-time remote control, application and profile updates, configuration settings, and scheduling of events with ease. Benefit from enhanced security, visibility, and scalability with our powerful yet user-friendly platform.

Mobile Device Monitoring

Moki offers mobile device monitoring, giving IT and Security teams the power to monitor applications for crashes, battery levels, and connection loss. With automated notifications sent via text, email, or JSON files to an alert URL, Moki’s MDM solution empowers teams to stay ahead of any issues across your device fleet.


Moki provides advanced customization options with its custom SDK, allowing you to control settings and set alerts from your Moki dashboard remotely. Additionally, our powerful APIs let you quickly push updates and perform actions on your devices with ease.

Compliant with

Moki is built on the Google Cloud Platform and meets the most stringent industry compliance standards, including PCI DSS and HIPAA. Our MDM solution has been independently audited by SecurityMetrics and certified to meet the PCI DSS standard.

Best In-Class

Moki’s support team provides the best in class service, with a one-hour or less response rate and an impressive 90% success rate on first-contact resolutions. Our dedicated support team is available during business days from 8 am to 6:30 pm ET.

Moki Total Control Vs Traditional MDM Service Providers


  • Cloud Hosting

    100% born and raised in the cloud

  • Complete Device Control

    Users can view and control device fleets remotely and in real-time

  • Device & App Security

    Moki’s MDM solution identifies suspicious behavior on apps, peripherals & devices

  • Device & App Monitoring

    Moki provides total device visibility

  • Device Rollout

    Moki makes rolling out 1000 devices or more a piece of cake

  • Enterprise Capabilities

    Moki’s MDM is specifically built for large scale device deployment - supporting more than 10,000 devices at a time

  • Hardened Devices

    Moki enables single-purpose lockdown for added security and peace of mind

  • OS Updates and Migration

    Push out any Android or iOS update, including commercial-grade Android builds

  • Scheduled Events & Actions

    Schedule the initiation of certain events and actions at a specific time

  • Support For Android, iOS, & BrightSign

    Moki’s MDM supports, iOS, Android, and BrightSign

  • User Intervention

    Save labor and resources and eliminate the need for manual updates and initiation

Other MDM Providers

  • Cloud Hosting

    Usually requires some on-premise aspect to deploy and manage

  • Complete Device Control

    Not all MDM providers support total control of devices

  • Device & App Security

    Only provides MDM security features that are device-specific

  • Device & App Monitoring

    Someone will have to be physically present to monitor the device(s)

  • Device Rollout

    Many MDM platforms are not built for large scale device deployment

  • Enterprise Capabilities

    Most MDM solutions are not built for large-scale device deployments in enterprise settings

  • Hardened Devices

    Devices remain open for general use purposes

  • OS Updates and Migration

    Limited to consumer-grade updates on iOS & Android devices

  • Scheduled Events & Actions

    Requires manual updates of devices

  • Support For Android, iOS, & BrightSign

    Most MDM platforms only offer support for one operating system

  • User Intervention

    Devices will require someone to update the devices and initiate actions physically

MDM Case Studies

Moki’s MDM solutions have a proven track record with businesses across various industries. See how our solutions have helped many companies realize smarter MDM and better business outcomes.

Churchill Forge relies on mobile devices to collect information from renters. With Moki, they securely manage their devices with ease.
UMA needed to remotely manage customer panels and allow customers to use Android touch panels; Moki had the right solution.

Proud Member of the Dura Family

Moki was acquired by Dura Software in early 2019 and since then, we have improved our processes, tools and resources. Being part of a larger organization has helped our team better service customers, develop our solution and provide new resources to the Moki team. We are excited to continue to work with our customers and partners, evolve mobile device management and build more relationships than ever before.

Our goal for the coming years is to continue to grow as a leader in the MDM industry. With Dura’s ongoing support, leadership and resources, we are confident we can take Moki to new heights. 

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Moki offers a comprehensive suite of tools and services designed to take the hassle out of managing your mobile device fleet. 

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