CASE STUDY: Churchill Forge

Churchill Forge is a property management company founded in 1966 an headquartered in Newton, Massachusetts.

The staff at Churchill Forge is able to manage 81 devices across 47 buildings with the help of Moki’s MDM solution.

Churchill Forge – Secure Property Management Services

Churchill Forge is a property management company founded in 1966 and headquartered in Newton, Massachusetts. The company initially provided property management services to the New England area, including Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire.

Over the years, however, Churchill Forge has experienced steady growth and now operates 43 properties with nearly 10,000 units across six states—Massachusetts, Texas, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Florida.

Churchill Forge invests in innovative technologies to streamline their operations. To improve operational efficiency, Churchill Forge engaged Moki’s help in 2013. Referrals from another software provider guided them to Moki to find an MDM solution for their mobile device fleet.

Today, the staff at Churchill Forge is able to manage 81 devices across 47 buildings with the help of Moki’s mobile device management (MDM) solution.

Churchill Forge Leveraged Moki’s Features to Streamline Operations

Churchill Forge is a business that relies heavily on mobile technology to keep their operations running smoothly. They use iPads for work orders, rent payments, and signing leases. The leasing staff uses them in their offices, as well as at the check-in desks to capture important information.

However, managing an entire fleet of devices is no easy undertaking and the management team at Churchill Forge did not have enough time to dedicate to it. After engaging Moki’s help, however, management was able to set up, manage, and secure their devices right from their Mac mini computers.

Moki also enabled Churchill Forge to centralize usernames and passwords across all its devices. By having everything in one centralized location, fleet security is heightened and device tracking is simplified. Moreover, Moki has powerful mobile device lockdown capabilities built into its platform – helping to ensure that each device can only be used for its intended purpose.

Overall, engaging Moki’s help has resulted in improved efficiency throughout Churchill Forge’s operations. This includes keeping track of which devices are being used where, updates and device charges, and ensuring secure management across the board. Thanks to Moki’s comprehensive suite of features and knowledgeable support team, Churchill Forge has been able to successfully manage their fleets without sacrificing precious time or resources.

“With the Moki dashboard, it’s so easy to see everything happening on the devices and it’s simple to update them too. The Moki platform is a terrific tool to secure devices while also assisting our users that are located throughout the U.S.”


Churchill Forge’s Favorite Moki Features

Ability to Manage from one Central Location
Excellent Security Measures
Ability to See Device Charge & Real-Time Updates

Investing in Moki’s MDM has been a Resounding Success for Churchill Forge

Investing in Moki’s comprehensive MDM solution has proved to be a smart decision on behalf of Churchill Forge. When onboarding with Moki, management was able to easily transition to their new setup with the help of the support team, who demonstrated immense skill and patience. As a result, Moki was able to create a solid foundation for Churchill Forge to continue utilizing MDM to its fullest extent for years to come.

Moki’s MDM solution is intuitive and designed with user friendliness in mind. Moki support has been there every step of the way to guide Churchill Forge’s staff so they could make the most of our solution. Staff also appreciates Moki’s support team’s assistance when helping to switch setups and respond quickly to any questions or obstacles that employees may encounter.

Overall, Churchill Forge has been extremely satisfied with Moki’s MDM solution and plan on leveraging more of its features in the near future. This includes taking advantage of advanced features like Moki’s dashboard tools to streamline the update process, making the solution even more efficient.

Engaging Moki’s help has allowed Churchill Forge to continue their operations knowing their devices are safe, secure, and running at peak performance at all times. Their staff would highly recommend Moki’s services to other businesses looking for a complete MDM solution. Moki on the other hand looks forward to an ongoing relationship with Churchill Forge and continuing to uplevel their MDM experience.


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