Why is Customer Service Important in the MDM Industry?

Customer service is not just about being kind and courteous to your customers, it is a vital component of your business operations that can significantly impact your business’s bottom line and improve client retention. The way your customer service skills are perceived will also affect the way your company is ultimately viewed in the public eye and to potential prospects.

While some companies seem to push off customer support as an expense that can be spared, great customer service is actually a major key to ensuring a superior customer experience. 


Accessible Support Channels

The impact of great customer service in the MDM industry is far-reaching. It not only positively affects your business, but also your customers and, potentially even their customers. Some of the impacts of poor customer service include missed opportunities for follow-up business, or even a poor experience for the end-user.

In the MDM industry, businesses rely on reliable, efficient, and fast customer support along with their intuitive and easy-to-use MDM software. A personalized, high-touch approach to customer service is better for establishing trust and being efficient at solving any issues. 

You can conveniently contact a Moki support team member via our online chat, through the contact us form, or even through a quick phone call Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 8 PM ET. Moki’s average response time for online chats and email correspondence is only seven minutes, and 90% of those issues are solved during that first interaction. That means that when you start a chat or submit a support ticket, you won’t wait for days, weeks, or even hours  to get the help that you need.


Seamless Scalability

It may seem impossible to manage several or even thousands of devices from a single location, but with the proper software and support team, you can effectively manage and scale to any size fleet of digital devices with ease. There’s nothing more frustrating than being ignored by your customer support team when looking for answers on the scalability and functionality of your digital device plan, so it is important to find a customer support team that is eager to get you set up with the best MDM solution to meet the scale and needs of your fleet.

Total Control Support

Mobile devices help increase flexibility and productivity, but when unmanaged, they can pose various challenges to organizations. The lack of control and visibility over mobile endpoints and non-standardized ways of managing these devices can cause inefficiencies and security risks.

Moki Total Control serves as a management system that secures your devices, updates your application or UX, and monitors device health in real-time. With the support of the Moki team, you can create custom alerts based on events or other data points, including low battery & application crashes. Using the Moki SDK, you can also be alerted when specific events are triggered within your own applications.

Good customer service speaks for itself and results in enthusiastic customers recommending a company’s product or service to others. It is easy to say that Moki has the best support in the MDM industry, but we think that actions speak louder than words. Check out one of our other blogs to learn more about how Moki’s customer support is different.


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