Distribution Centers

Many distribution centers require large fleets of devices to manage inventory, run reports, and fulfill orders. Moki’s EMM platform offers remote control so you can update content and settings, while providing alerts for possible issues.

Boost Distribution Center Productivity

Some examples of how users employ Moki to manage distribution center-specific device deployments include the following:

Improved Software Management

With Moki’s EMM platform, distribution center workers will be able to continue to work without delay or disruption while their mobile devices are being updated. Not only does this make things easier for IT professionals, but it will also save travel costs, allow for greater flexibility, and eliminate the need for IT overtime.

Greater Security and Control

You have no need to worry about security when you have Moki MDM solutions. Moki’s platform ensures a safe and secure fleet of mobile devices through the deployment of proper security software, passwords, and other measures throughout your mobile devices. If necessary, Moki MDM enables you to wipe stolen or lost devices to ensure sensitive information and data never falls into the wrong hands. Devices can also be limited to the use of predetermined apps.

Ease of Use Across a Variety of Platforms

Whether your distribution center uses Apple devices, Android devices, or a mix, you will be able to have complete control and uniformity throughout the fleet with Moki mobile device management system.

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