Mobile Device Management for iOS

Moki’s Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution for iOS offers businesses a seamless way to streamline device management operations. With Moki, you can effortlessly secure, monitor, and manage your company-owned iOS devices from one centralized platform. Transform your iOS devices into purpose-built tools and leverage the power of Apple Business to maximize their potential. Businesses rely on Moki to simplify device management processes and enhance overall productivity.

Why You Need MDM for Your iOS Device Fleet

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Without an efficient MDM solution for iOS, businesses face various challenges that can significantly impact their operations. Manual enrollment and configuration of device fleets can be incredibly time-consuming and result in errors and inconsistencies. 

Moreover, without proper device management, organizations run the risk of their devices being used for unauthorized purposes or losing visibility into their devices’ performance and security. When leveraging the powerful features of Moki’s MDM solution for iOS, businesses can save time, reduce risk, and maintain complete control over their device fleet.

With MDM for iOS, You Can…

Businesses can leverage digital signage displays to realize several benefits, including:

  • Moki-iOS-Manage-Devices
    Group and manage devices
  • Moki-Android-Agent-End-User-Access
    Assign custom roles and permissions
  • Moki-Android-Agent-Complete-Device-Access
    Lockdown devices to single or multiple applications
  • Moki-iOS Page-Automatic-Reboot
    Automatically reboot devices
  • Moki-Kiosk-RemoteManagement
    Change device settings remotely
  • Moki-Brightsign-Interactive-Customer-Experience
    See detailed device information like device identifiers, network status, location, etc.

How Moki's EMM Solution Solves iOS Device Fleet Challenges

Moki for iOS is designed to alleviate several obstacles businesses commonly encounter. With its automatic enrollment capabilities, Moki makes deploying app installations and updates seamless, saving businesses time and resources. 

Additionally, Moki’s integration with Apple Business Manager simplifies device fleet management and eliminates the need for manual intervention. With custom alerts and detailed device visibility through interactive maps, businesses can stay proactively aware of their entire iOS device fleet.

Why Businesses Choose Moki for iOS EMM

Here are some of the critical benefits that enterprises can expect from using Moki for iOS with Apple Business Manager:

Easily deploy devices without the need for manual intervention

Automatic app installations & updates

Save time, money & labor

How to Unlock the Potential of Your iOS Device

iOS devices are popular among business owners for a good reason – they’re powerful, secure, and user-friendly. However, effectively managing an entire iOS device fleet for your business can be difficult, especially if you’re trying to do everything yourself as a business owner with other pressing priorities. In this blog post, we will discuss Moki for iOS devices and how our mobile device management (MDM) solution can help unlock the potential of your iOS devices.

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Who We Work With

Moki works with businesses spanning various sizes, including:

Small Businesses



Contact Moki and Begin Simplifying Your MDM for iOS Today

Contact Moki today and learn how our powerful MDM solution can transform how you manage your devices. With our seamless integration with Apple Business Manager, businesses of all sizes can easily streamline their operations and enhance productivity. 

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