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Manage Thousands of Devices Across iOS, Android, and BrightSign with our Versatile MDM Solutions.

Moki's Cross-Platform Compatibility: The Ultimate MDM Solution

When it comes to managing your business devices, Moki has got you covered with its cross-platform compatibility. From iOS to Android to BrightSign devices, Moki supports thousands of devices, making it a versatile and powerful Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution. 

Moki’s custom kiosk management applications allow businesses to control their devices, ensuring a smooth user experience. Plus, you’ll have access to world-class support and unrivaled MDM expertise, making us the perfect choice for involved business owners who want to focus on important business operations instead of worrying about device management.

Moki MDM for iOS

MDM for iOS provides a comprehensive solution for businesses to manage their iOS device fleets. With features such as device lockdown and configuration, mobile payment processing, and device configuration, Moki’s MDM for iOS enables organizations to enhance their operational efficiency and improve overall security.

iOS Platform Features:

  • Apple Business Manager – Automatically deploy device fleets & save valuable time, money, and resources.
  • Apple Volume Purchase Program – Simplify the purchasing and distribution of iTunes applications while eliminating the need for end-user interaction.
  • Manage Applications & Profiles – Users can easily install, update, or remove iTunes and Enterprise applications & profiles.
  • Enterprise MDM Functionality – MDM for iOS with Moki allows you to manage large numbers of devices with ease.
Android Agent

Moki MDM for Android Agent

Moki MDM for Android Agent is a powerful device admin platform designed for businesses to manage and remotely monitor company-owned Android devices securely. Compatible with thousands of devices and hundreds of device manufacturers, Moki’s MDM platform for Android Agent offers complete control over Android devices and guarantees efficient and streamlined device management.

Android Platform Features:

  • Easy Bulk Enrollment – Utilize Moki’s pre-registration to enroll device fleets simultaneously
  • App LockKiosk Mode – Mobile devices can be locked down to a single application and operate in kiosk mode.
  • Device Lockdown – Mobile devices can be locked down to multiple applications for authorized use only.
  • Remote Control – Enjoy true remote control through the ability to manage devices even from thousands of miles away.

Moki MDM for Android Enterprise

Moki offers a comprehensive MDM solution designed specifically for Android Enterprise devices. With Moki, companies can fully leverage the functionalities of their Android devices by transforming them into single-purpose devices with customized configurations tailored to their business needs.

Android Enterprise Features

  • Zero Touch Enrollment – Quickly complete secure large-scale device rollouts and simply open the box to get started. 
  • Integrates with Google Play – Users can manage applications from their devices while enjoying total flexibility with app distribution. 
  • Policy ManagementCreate, manage, and enforce restriction policies on your devices – and allow for greater customization and security.
  • Remote Control – Enjoy true remote control through the ability to manage devices even from thousands of miles away.

Moki MDM for Brightsign Devices

Moki MDM can seamlessly integrate with BrightSign devices, providing unparalleled control and visibility for digital signage networks. Users can remotely manage and monitor devices, update content and software, and receive real-time alerts for potential device issues through our cloud-based platform.

BrightSign Features:

  • Bulk Device Enroll – Quickly provision large numbers of players at a single time.
  • Large Scale Device Fleet Management- Easily manage large fleets of digital signage and save 30% in operational and maintenance costs. 
  • CMS Support – Integrates seamlessly with your existing Content Management System.
  • Remote Control – Enjoy true remote control through the ability to manage devices even from thousands of miles away.

Moki Customized Solutions

In addition to Moki’s robust MDM platform, you also get access to several other customized solutions. Moki’s custom applications, APIs, and SDK will help you achieve the device management experience you need.

Moki Customized Solution Available:

  • Moki Kiosk – Available for Android and iOS. A Lite Content Management application and controlled web browser.
  • Moki Launcher – Available for Android. A customizable launcher application. 
  • Moki Reflect – Available for Android. An advanced remote control application. 
  • Moki Keyboard – Available for Android. A secure custom keyboard application.
  • Moki APIs – Available for Android and iOS. Extends the functionality of Moki into business-critical applications.
  • Moki SDK – Available for Android and iOS. Integrate your own applications with Moki to allow you to manage and monitor them remotely.

7 Smart Use Cases for Moki’s Mobile Device Management Solution

It’s no secret that a comprehensive mobile device management solution can help businesses soar.. That being said, Moki’s MDM software is transforming the way businesses and organizations from all different types of industries interact with their customers. From mobile POS systems to digital signage and kiosks, Moki’s MDM does all the heavy lifting when it comes to running a fully functioning mobile device fleet. This frees business owners from time consuming tasks such as remotely managing updates, controlling access, and troubleshooting any issues that may arise.

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