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Easy IT Management for Modern Patient Interactions

Doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals are using iOS and Android devices to perform a wide variety of single-use or single-purpose devices to improve the patient experience. Moki allows these medical professionals to quickly and easily secure their devices, remotely manage content and device settings, and be alerted if issues arise.

Elevate Patient Care with Moki

Healthcare professionals trust Moki to manage their device deployments for these common industry scenarios:

Ensure HIPAA Compliance

Using Moki to lockdown your patient facing devices to a single-purpose allows you to use tablet-based kiosks to collect patient information, or give them access to their records.

Centralize Management for Facility Signage

Healthcare providers are deploying digital devices to educate patients on illness or disease. These devices enrich the exam room experience with multimedia education (articles, videos, and 3D anatomicals) to aid in patient comprehension and reinforce critical steps for treatment compliance. Interactive anatomicals also support patient-physician discussions, often provide text and email capabilities to extend the learning experience, and contain libraries of practice messages to promote patient portals and other key initiatives. When these devices are not in use, they typically display ads specific to the medical industry. Moki allows you to seamlessly push updates for content across all your devices, letting you update messaging faster than traditional media.

Increase Patient Engagement

Healthcare professionals are deploying iOS and Android devices used explicitly for patient check-in and scheduling. These devices allow for faster service, reduced waiting times for patients, increased accuracy, better reporting mechanisms, and more. Moki makes managing these devices simple, with custom alerts if they need service.

Simplify Patient Scheduling and Check-ins

Moki gives the medical management or hospital IT the tools needed to lock down their single-purpose patient check-in devices to an app or website for patient check ins. These devices allow for faster service, reduced waiting times for patients, increased accuracy, better reporting mechanisms, and more. To ensure patient satisfaction, these interactions need to be seamless. Moki ensures your devices are up to date and have alerts for devices needing attention.

Assess Patient Satisfaction

Providers want to know how they are doing and how to improve their patients’ experiences. For these reasons, healthcare organizations have long sought to understand the perspectives of their patients through patient satisfaction surveys. These satisfaction survey devices are generally secured to a survey application or website. Using Moki to lock down your device to a single application, you can make sure your device is always available to capture important this survey information.

Provide Telemedicine Services

Telemedicine solutions help medical staff save time and increase business efficiency, while also providing convenient patient experiences that increase customer satisfaction and produces loyal patients. Using Moki to lock down devices to a medical-specific application or website, staff can provide secure telemedicine services to patients remotely.

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