CASE STUDY: Moki & ConnectUs

The Challenge

Healthcare Company Looking For Secure Devices For Patient Use

ConnectUs was working with a major healthcare company in need of a large deployment of specialized healthy study devices that patients could take home to respond to health questions or alert to any symptoms they may be experiencing. ConnectUs’ client needed devices that could be locked down to specific applications, work in both English and Spanish, fit within a specific budget, and be rolled out with less than a week turnaround time. 

Previously, they had been sending off powerful cellular devices into people’s homes without security measures or restrictions, which meant that patients were able to run up cellular network bills. 

When trying to configure and set up the older devices they had, ConnectUs also found that most of them were not compatible with today’s updated platforms. As ConnectUs searched for a comprehensive mobile device management solution, they found that Moki’s competitors did not have all of the specialized MDM capabilities that they were looking for to complete the project.

“It's really exciting to partner with ConnectUs. I love that they specialize in providing end-of-life or limited release devices combined with the value added services of configuration and deployment. This is really great for customers!”
Analisa Guerra - Director of Partnerships

The Solution

Moki Created Powerful Single-Purpose Devices for Healthcare Professionals

Moki provided a specialized mobile device management solution that was flexible, worked with a tight budget, and met all the specifications they were provided by the client. Moki’s software was used to lockdown the cellphones to a specific subset of three apps, so they could ensure that the devices were being used for their intended purpose only. 

With these restrictions, users were unable to change settings or reach any external applications that increase cellular network costs, ultimately bringing ConnectUs’s client a large return on their investment in Moki-enabled devices.

Moki’s software enabled ConnectUs to manage their large fleet of single-purpose, patient-facing devices with the peace of mind that they were both safe and secure. Moki simplified the deployment process, configuration, and management experience by:

After a person is done using their device, they can easily bring it back and scan a QR code that will conveniently reset it and have it ready to go for the next patient. With Moki, the rollout and deployment process has never been easier. ConnectUs now has them rolling out a total of 5,000 devices.

"Our favorite Moki feature is that they have a straightforward user interface & are user friendly, as opposed to some of the more complex MDM solutions out there.The support provided by the Moki team went above and beyond to help us get where we needed to be. That went a long way with us, they really helped hold our hand in getting what we were trying to get done over the finish line."
Chris Samaras - President & CEO of ConnectUs

ConnectUs Favorite Moki Features

User-friendly Interface

Moki’s user interface is straightforward and user-friendly compared to other complex MDM solutions on the market.

Dedicated Support Team

The support provided by the Moki team and their dedicated account manager was a significant help as they were able to cut down hundreds of hours of the implementation process.

Ease of Deployment

Moki makes it simple and convenient for them to reconfigure and deploy the 5,000 devices in their fleet.

About ConnectUs

ConnectUs has been a leading provider of customized handheld devices, fulfillment services, and managed solutions for almost two decades. ConnectUs has made both life and work easier for various companies, government agencies, and non-profit organizations by allowing them to deliver innovative technology solutions for their teams and end-users. 

ConnectUs takes out the heavy lifting for the hardware by configuring your devices before shipping them out to you. They provide customized portable devices, tablets, and smartphone solutions that are completely set up and ready to go straight out of the box.

Visit their website to learn more.

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