Moki Features

Moki’s Mobile Device Management (MDM) features allow for real-time monitoring and management of devices, offering comprehensive control over device functionality and security. It streamlines the deployment of applications, enforces policy compliance, and provides detailed reporting for organizations managing a fleet of mobile assets.

Leverage Advanced MDM Security Features, Streamline Device Enrollment & More

Modern businesses require robust Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions to maintain security, efficiency, and control. With Moki’s comprehensive MDM features, your enterprise can leverage the power of technology while safeguarding data and streamlining operations.

App Lock and Kiosk Mode Capabilities

Ensure devices are used strictly as intended with device lockdown. This security feature not only prevents unauthorized access and data breaches but also deters device theft and misuse. With App Lock and Kiosk Mode, you can rest assured knowing your assets are protected and devices are secure.

Streamlined Device Deployment & Enrollment

Streamline device deployment and enrollment with Moki with the ability to deploy and enroll devices remotely easily. 

Android Zero-touch enrollment

Zero-touch enrollment offers a straightforward, efficient, and secure method to configure and deploy devices at scale. With this solution, you can easily configure devices online and have them delivered directly to the field or end users for hassle-free activation out of the box.

Content Management

With seamless integration into your existing Content Management System, users can effortlessly and securely update content from anywhere at any time. Take complete control over your devices’ content, customizing it to align with your business needs perfectly.

Application Environment Monitoring

With Moki, users have the power to monitor real-time application performance and device health by gaining access to essential data points like network status, battery levels, device location, and memory usage. Now, you can ensure seamless operations with Moki’s Application Environment Monitoring, which facilitates smooth functionality and optimal performance.

Customization Capabilities

Tailor every aspect of your devices with Moki’s unmatched customization capabilities. Users can personalize applications, interfaces, and user experiences to reflect their brand’s identity and meet specific operational requirements.

MDM Security

Moki allows you to control access based on the desired applications and control needed on each device. Allowing you to prevent users from accessing specific applications or areas of the settings they should not

Android Agent Pre-Registration

Pre-register your Android Agent devices to allow for a seamless and easy enrollment process. Once the Moki Agent application is opened, devices will automatically enroll and configure as desired.

Apple Device Enrollment Program

The Device Enrollment Program allows users to easily configure and deploy Apple devices without the need to connect them to a Mac. Once powered on and connected to internet, devices will automatically configure and enroll in Moki.

Unrivaled Support

Our users gain access to a vast wealth of knowledge through our extensive knowledge base, which is constantly updated with the latest advancements. You can receive assistance from our responsive and knowledgeable support team via email, phone, or chat.

Bulk Device Enroll for BrightSign Devices

Utilize Bulk Device Enroll for BrightSign devices in order to assign devices the proper Setup based on serial number. As the devices are powered on, they will automatically enroll in Moki and go through the assigned configuration.

Remote Troubleshooting, App Installation & Updates

Enhance operational efficiency and reduce IT workload by leveraging remote troubleshooting capabilities. With Moki’s remote MDM features, users can easily install and update apps across all devices from a central location, minimizing downtime and cutting overhead costs. This streamlined process improves productivity and ensures seamless device management.


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