Moki Custom Kiosk Software Solutions

With Moki custom apps, kiosk management is a breeze. We offer apps that turn general-use Android and iOS tablets into powerful, single-purpose devices fine tuned to your every need. While Moki’s SDK and API allow for quick and convenient remote management of your apps.

All the Tools You Need

Moki Kiosk – iOS and Android Kiosk Software

The Moki Kiosk app is one the most advanced apps for kiosk software with Android and iOS devices. This app will take your standard Android and iOS tablets and turn them into secure kiosk systems. Deliver interactive product displays, endless aisle experiences, digital signage, self service kiosks, and more.

Key features of Moki Kiosk

Are you ready to start using Moki apps for your project?

Regardless of what your unique needs are, Moki has a solution for you. 

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