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Retail MDM

Simple IT Management for Retail Devices

Retailers are incorporating digital technology to encourage more customer interaction in physical store locations. Customer-facing devices are bridging physical and digital experiences and are creating new opportunities for retailers. Moki allows retailers to quickly and easily secure these devices, remotely manage content and device settings, and be alerted if issues arise.

Improve the Retail Customer Experience with Moki

Retailers use Moki to manage their device deployments for these common industry scenarios:

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Moki empowers retailers to deliver digital interactions in physical store locations with customer-facing iOS and Android devices. With these devices, retailers are able to decrease transaction time and personalize the buying experience.

Manage Promotions

Retails are deploying digital signage to allow for an increase in awareness of their products or services. These devices support video, text, audio, and photos to market new products/services, display promotional pricing and specials and other useful information for customers.

Increase Customer Engagement

Retailers are looking for better ways for their salespeople to engage prospective buyers. These devices deliver relevant and contextual interactions that can be measured and optimized. This type of information enables businesses to close the loop on their marketing and customer experience. For example, savvy fashion brands understand that although 81% of customers access information online, 60% of sales still happen in the store. As such, they allow customers to browse products online, encourage them to come into the store to see and interact with products, and strategically place kiosks throughout the store, enabling customers to browse additional inventory, find additional accessories to buy, and even purchase those items.

Simplify Order Management

Moki gives employees the tools to streamline their order management processes from inception to fulfillment. Sales teams are able to verify inventory in real-time as they review products and services. Customers place orders across a range of channels from web, mobile, stores, and more. These devices allow employees to confirm orders have been placed and match the products to the order before the product is dispatched from a warehouse or distribution center, ship-from-store, pickup-in-store or simply bagged to be handed to a customer.

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