Moki Total Control for Digital Signage

Remote management solutions that make managing digital signage the easiest part of your job. 

Deploy Your Business's Digital Signage System at Scale with Moki

Moki’s remote management software allows for the effortless deployment of digital signage across your business. With granular control provided by our cloud-based solution, you can manage every aspect of your device environment and make real-time changes to your content from anywhere.

Our specialized software enhances the impact of your digital signage displays while maintaining its smooth operation. Moki’s solution can support from ten to hundreds of thousands of devices, ensuring scalability and reliability. Improve the effectiveness of your signage and simplify operations with Moki.

Remote Management Features for Digital Signage

Moki’s Remote Management Features for digital signage allow businesses to control and update content across multiple digital signage players from a centralized location. With our platform, deployment and updates can be done in minutes, saving valuable time and costs. Our user-friendly interface makes managing large fleets of digital signage players easy, and you can quickly provision them with customized content. With Moki, you can ensure your messaging is always up-to-date, and your brand is consistently represented across all screens.

Player Grouping for Mixed Device Environments

Moki’s device management for digital signage displays provides a robust player grouping feature that supports hierarchical grouping and group action sequences, making managing large device fleets a seamless experience. Users can easily optimize player groupings based on location by viewing and interacting with devices on a map. This powerful solution enables businesses to streamline device management in mixed-device environments, saving valuable time and increasing efficiency.

Custom Alerts

Custom alerts allow you to monitor the health of your fleet in real-time and receive notifications about any potential issues. Our system provides immediate alerts when any unexpected events occur, ensuring that you remain up-to-date and can address concerns promptly. Using Moki’s digital signage, you can troubleshoot problems before they become costly, ensuring your fleet runs smoothly. 

Support for Multiple Operating Systems

Moki supports multiple Operating Systems (OS), including Android, iOS, and BrightSign. Our platform ensures optimal performance, regardless of the OS used. With Moki, users can easily manage digital signage displays and experience seamless performance across all supported OS.

Use Your Existing CMS

Moki’s device management easily integrates with your existing CMS, providing greater control for your content management. Transitioning to our digital signage fleet is effortless, as you can see your content in real time and take screenshots remotely. Businesses use our system’s versatile connectivity to elevate their brand messaging strategy.

Digital Signage Solutions that Enhance the Customer Experience

Businesses of all industries and sizes are looking for ways to improve the customer experience. Moki’s Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions offer a wide range of advantages that can help businesses deliver a better customer experience in various settings. Our digital signage software simplifies managing and monitoring your mobile devices, so you can focus on providing excellent customer service. In this post, we will discuss how a comprehensive MDM solution can help improve the customer experience at your business.

Salad recipe digital signage example

Digital Signage Supported by BrightSign

Moki’s device management for digital signage is supported by BrightSign – a leader in the digital signage industry. BrightSign’s high-performance and scalable solutions have been optimized for cloud-based needs, ensuring reliable and secure operation. Its unique, purpose-built operating system allows users to create, author, publish, and monitor digital signage efficiently. The simplicity of operation, paired with the powerful capabilities of BrightSign’s technology, makes it a top choice for digital-first businesses of all sizes and industries. 

Enhance Your Digital Signage Fleet's Performance with Moki

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