Simplify administrative processes with easy to manage tablet based-devices.

Hospitality Kiosk

Seamlessly Manage Guest Services

Moki is empowering hotels to deploy customer-facing devices to deliver digital interactions that delight guests and make their stay more enjoyable. These services allow hotels to quickly and easily secure these devices, remotely manage content and device settings, and be alerted if issues arise.

Transform Guest Experiences

Some examples of how customers use Moki to manage hospitality-specific device deployments include the following:

Simplify Customer Check-in

Digital customer check-in devices offer simple ways to check in to a hotel. These devices replace traditional paper forms or face-to-face check-ins and offer patrons convenience while saving staff time. These devices are generally secured to a hotel check-in application or website and often come with a digital hotel room card dispenser and credit card reader.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Hotel chains and resorts are deploying single-use or single-purpose digital kiosk devices across their locations around the world to improve the customer experience. These devices are used in-room order room service or view local attractions and restaurants, in the lobby to check the weather and news, view travel status or purchase snacks, at check-out to request customer satisfaction surveys, and more. Digital kiosks are also used for meeting room and banquet hall management for large groups.

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