MDM for Hospitality

Moki’s MDM solutions offer the best mobile device management solution for the hospitality industry to create an interactive, secure, and convenient environment for guests. With Moki, hotels, and restaurants can manage their POS tablets, kiosks, hotel digital signage, and digital menu boards for restaurants from a single platform, simplifying operations and enhancing guest satisfaction.

The Benefits of MDM for Hospitality

Mobile Device Management (MDM) is a powerful tool for hospitality businesses that can transform the guest experience and improve overall operations, allowing for:

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    Save Time and Resources
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    Enhanced Security
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    Elevated Guest Experience

Why Investing in MDM is Crucial for Hospitality Businesses

Without MDM, hospitality businesses may deal with the significant burden of managing several devices, especially if they are spread across locations. Time-consuming content updates to things like hotel digital signage and digital menu boards for restaurants become a major headache for managers. Furthermore, data security is a major concern for any business, as devices not locked down can be subject to data breaches, resulting in the theft of personal data.

How Moki's MDM Solution Streamlines Operations in Hospitality Environments

Moki’s mobile device management solution is vital for maintaining secure and efficient operations in hospitality environments. Our platform provides the best mobile device management solution for businesses such as hotels and restaurants, offering features such as hotel digital signage and digital menu boards for restaurants. 

With Moki, businesses can remotely manage and update their devices, ensuring their software is always up-to-date and secure. By eliminating the need for on-location support, our platform streamlines operations and provides businesses with a convenient and effective tool for managing their digital displays.

Best Ways to Leverage MDM in Hospitality Environments

Mobile POS

Restaurants & cafes can leverage mobile POS solutions for transactions to create a more interactive guest experience

Digital Menu Boards

With Moki’s digital signage solutions, restaurants and hotels can easily display and update menu information

Check In

More hotels rely on digital kiosks for guest check-in, allowing for a more convenient and streamlined experience


Digital kiosks serve various purposes in hospitality, including providing information in hotel lobbies, restaurants, and other high-foot traffic areas. This information includes weather updates, events, amenities, and more

Customer Surveys

Hospitality businesses can collect valuable guest feedback, allowing them to improve their service offerings and continue to drive customer satisfaction

Transform The Guest Experience with Mobile Device Management

The world of modern hospitality is built on convenience and efficiency, which the explosion of mobile technology has enabled. As such, mobile devices like point-of-sale (POS) tablets, kiosks, and digital menu boards have been vital to this transformation. Mobile device management (MDM) allows hotels to create and manage an interactive, secure, and convenient guest experience with ease.

This post will discuss the advantages of MDM in the hospitality realm and everyday use cases for mobile devices. 

Businesses We Work With In the Hospitality Sector

Moki is proud to partner with a variety of businesses in the hospitality sector, including:





Transform the Guest Experience with MDM for Hospitality

Contact Moki and discover how our best-in-class mobile device management solution can elevate your guest experience and streamline your operations.

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