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The world of modern hospitality is built on convenience and efficiency, which the explosion of mobile technology has enabled. As such, mobile devices like point-of-sale (POS) tablets, kiosks, and digital menu boards have been vital to this transformation. Mobile device management (MDM) allows hotels to create and manage an interactive, secure, and convenient guest experience with ease.

Many hospitality businesses have seen first-hand the power of MDM at their facility. This post will discuss the advantages of MDM in the hospitality realm and everyday use cases for mobile devices that enhance the overall guest experience. 

The Advantages of MDM in Hospitality

One of the top MDM solutions for hospitality businesses allows them to save time and money by remotely managing their mobile devices from a single location. With this MDM solution, hotels and restaurants can update apps, change settings and configurations, and troubleshoot issues without needing on-location support, providing significant convenience. 

With the ability to monitor devices and remotely lock them down, businesses can protect their confidential information without physically being present. Moreover, this solution allows businesses to keep their devices up-to-date with secure and current software, reducing the risk of data breaches or cyber-attacks. For these reasons, an MDM solution is an innovative and cost-effective investment for any hospitality business.

How Can Moki’s MDM Solution Enhance the Guest Experience?

Moki’s MDM solution offers enhanced guest experiences in hospitality settings through interactive device sessions that allow for streamlined transactions, mobile ordering, guest check-ins, and more. With Moki, guests can enjoy a seamless and convenient stay, while staff can easily manage and monitor devices. Moki’s MDM solution is the perfect tool to enhance guest satisfaction and increase operational efficiency.

Some of the typical use cases of MDM in hospitality include:

Mobile Point of Sale (POS)

Mobile POS devices are most frequently found in restaurants and cafes and used by staff and guests to complete transactions.

Mobile Ordering Kiosks

Mobile ordering kiosks for restaurants and cafeterias offer a quick and interactive way for guests to order food, drinks, or other items. They can also be used as POS devices.

Digital Menu Boards

Digital signage such as menu boards offer a way for restaurants to quickly and easily update their menu boards with new items and specials.

Mobile Check-in Kiosks at Hotels

These kiosks allow hotel guests to quickly check in and out of their rooms, which can be a standout feature for busy hotels and frequent travelers.

Informative Kiosks

Informative Kiosks in hotel lobbies, restaurants, and other public areas can provide guests with the latest information on amenities, events in the area, or the weather.

Customer Survey Kiosks

Customer survey kiosks provide hospitality businesses with valuable feedback from their guests, allowing them to quickly and easily identify areas of improvement and give props where it’s due.

Moki: The Best MDM Solution for Hospitality

Moki offers a powerful MDM solution for hospitality businesses, providing a comprehensive platform to manage and monitor BrightSign, iOS and Android-powered mobile devices from anywhere. With the ability to securely lock down devices and manage remote settings, business owners can save time and labor while giving guests a convenient and interactive experience. Hotels, restaurants, banquet halls, and other facets of the hospitality industry can all gain tremendous advantages from investing in Moki’s MDM solution.

What does Moki’s MDM for hospitality look like in action? Contact us today to find out how Moki can revolutionize your guest experience.


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