How to Get the Most Out of Your MDM Solution

Keeping up with an ever-evolving business technology landscape has proven challenging for many organizations. To add to the complexity, many industries are seeing exponential growth in enterprise mobile devices. Despite device proliferation, however, businesses may not utilize their mobile device management (MDM) solution to the fullest extent. This all-too-common stumbling block begs the question – how should organizations tackle this challenge and stay ahead of the technological curve?

Needless to say, businesses are strapped for time and resources and must look for ways to maximize the impact of their MDM solution. This post will discuss how Moki provides organizations the tools and features to maximize their MDM solution and reap business gains from enterprise mobility.

Bolster Your MDM Strategy Using These Enterprise Mobility Tools

Business enterprises will often invest in an MDM solution and take the time to explore its features but usually end up using only a fraction of its capabilities. Many device configurations, customization, and extended functionalities can be overlooked, causing a significant gap in a business’s overall enterprise mobility strategy.

Fortunately, Moki offers a comprehensive MDM platform that enables businesses to fully utilize their MDM solution’s capabilities. Perhaps your company is seeking to gain more visibility on devices or more control over their device fleet settings; there’s likely a feature in Moki’s MDM solution that can help.

Here are some Moki features that organizations can leverage to harness the power of their MDM solution:

Mobile Device Groups

MDM Device Groups allow users to easily group devices based on desired parameters. Users can group devices by configurations, custom tags, end-customer, etc. One of the most helpful things customers can do is start tagging their mobile devices to create groups based on those tags. Users simply need to head to the Device Groups tab and start creating Device Groups.

Action Sequences 

Once the Device Groups have been set, customers can schedule bulk action sequences to any group of devices using the Action Sequences feature. Users can schedule one-time or daily recurring sequences. Moreover, Action Sequences can schedule device changes, app installs, updates, etc., during after-hours when devices are not in use.


With Moki, tags can be used to categorize and group devices, which can then be filtered by tags under the Devices tab, Device Groups, and Reports. Users can also leverage tags to target desired devices for Action Sequences as well.

Profiles & Policies

Profiles and policies can be used to set device configurations from available apps and app locks to wifi networks, to device settings, and more. As a result, Moki users can rest assured knowing their devices will only ever be used as intended.


Moki’s API allows customers to create custom platforms to access and control devices enrolled with Moki. Available for Android & iOS, business enterprises can use the Moki API to integrate with existing systems and easily monitor devices from any location. Android users can request API access with Moki here, and iOS users can request here.

SDK (Custom Data)

Moki’s SDK is available for Android & iOS and enables customers to control their app settings remotely within the Moki system. Moreover, they can also send custom data points to Moki for searching and grouping based on those data points. Users can get started with Moki’s SDK here.

Low Touch & Bulk Enrollment Options

No MDM strategy is complete without streamlined enrollment of device fleets. Moki’s Low Touch Enrollment program enables users to quickly and securely enroll devices into their MDM solution using Android’s Zero Touch or Pre-Registration, Apple’s Device Enrollment Program, or BrightSign Bulk Enroll. Regardless of the device or platform, Moki ensures that device fleets are quickly integrated into an MDM program with little to no manual setup.

How This Moki Customer Maximized MDM for Greater Device Control

One of our customers encountered issues with their Android devices that were powered on for too long without a reboot. Such an issue causes the device to lose internet connection. For this reason, a device reboot could not be sent to the device via Moki. So, we assisted the customer in using the Agent Settings Profile to create a daily reboot that would be configured to the device. This way, even if the device loses internet connection, the reboot would still occur and resolve the issue.

Other instances include when customers want to ensure their devices are always up to date with the latest app version they are pushing out. Moki’s team has helped them to utilize the App Report to identify what version of a designated app each device is running. Moreover, Moki users can also leverage the Managed Apps filter to exclude already updated devices and target the ones needing updates, saving time and resources. Users can accomplish this by using an Action Sequence within Moki to complete app updates in bulk during hours when devices are not in use.

Innovative Use Cases for MDM 

We are constantly delighted by the new and inventive ways that our customers utilize our MDM platform to enhance their business. One innovative use we have seen recently is a customer using the SDK to ship devices directly to customers, who can set up the devices without needing to see or interact with our Moki Agent application. Their app communicates with the Agent application to tell it to enroll, and since the devices are pre-registered, it can enroll silently without directly interacting with the app.

Even more exciting is the recent rollout of our new App Lock feature, which allows customers to specify which apps can be accessed while the device is locked down. This functionality has allowed our customers to build offerings where their app can launch another app to run a specific function, such as a video call, while keeping the device secure from unwanted application use.

Get the Most Out of MDM with Moki

Moki’s robust suite of MDM features provides users with the tools to ensure their device fleets are secure, updated, and running optimally. Whether you’re an app developer or a business owner seeking to maximize resources and minimize the labor involved, Moki makes managing your device fleet the most straightforward task of your day.

Contact us to learn how Moki can help you elevate your business operations with our secure and easy MDM solutions.


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