Streamlining Mobile Device Management for Androids

Moki enables quick and effortless implementation of your mobile device fleet and streamlines device updates and maintenance from one remote location.

This was recently exemplified by a customer of Moki’s who needed to update their fleet of Android devices but faced the daunting task of manually updating each device. Moki enabled them to quickly and efficiently implement updates from one place without visiting every device physically.

With Moki’s help, this customer could complete the entire process remotely. This post will discuss Moki’s MDM solution for Android and how it simplifies the update process and many other mobile device fleet-related tasks.

MDM for Android Offers Businesses a Range of Benefits

Managing a mobile device fleet is no easy feat, primarily when devices are spread across various locations. Manual updates for each device can be tedious and time-consuming; rolling out entire fleets of devices can prove costly and inefficient.

Moki’s MDM for Android offers businesses streamlined device deployment and remote control of mobile device fleets. Users can manage their mobile devices with ease from any location while ensuring they remain secure and up-to-date with the latest software updates.

With zero-touch enrollment, organizations can roll out company-owned Android devices while offering automated one-time setup and configuration. Users can also troubleshoot their devices remotely and modify granular settings through Android enterprise policies like Bluetooth, volume, screen lock, and more. 

How This Customer of Moki’s Uses Android Single-Purpose Devices

Moki’s valued customer, the University of Connecticut (UCONN), implemented a new system of single-purpose Android devices with Moki to simplify their study room scheduling process. For context, UCONN had a complicated study room reservation system through their new dedicated Android mobile devices, and they wanted a way to streamline updates, maintenance, and fleet management.

UCONN engaged Moki’s help in implementing an MDM platform to streamline operations and gain total control over their mobile device fleets. Utilizing Moki’s MDM solution, UCONN can quickly and easily deploy updates to all of their Android devices in just a fraction of the time it used to take.

With device fleet updates taking a half hour instead of an entire week, Moki has transformed how they manage device fleets while simplifying their operations. In fact, UCONN reports that support calls concerning device updates are also down by 70%, allowing UCONN staff to focus on more critical tasks for the university.

Moki: Android MDM at Your Fingertips 

Moki’s MDM for Android provides businesses a comprehensive way to manage their mobile device fleet remotely and securely. For an institution like UCONN, it has made operations more efficient and streamlined, allowing for faster updates and improved student scheduling.

Moki’s MDM solutions are designed to save the time and costs that go toward device maintenance and can provide businesses with a significant return on their investment. If you’re looking for a robust Android MDM solution to transform how you do business, contact Moki today.


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