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Having less responsibilities when managing your mobile device fleet means more time to focus on what you do best – running your business. Moki’s lockdown capabilities ensure that devices can only be used for approved purposes, while customizable alerts keep you informed of important device activity. And with the ability to view detailed device information, business owners can enjoy the peace of mind of knowing exactly what’s happening with each device.

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OnQ Wanted A Specialized Mobile Device Management Solution To Support Their Interactive Digital Displays and Moki was able to help.

The Simplest MDM Solution

Moki MDM is the simplest solution for mobile device management on interactive kiosks, POS stations, and digital signage. Moki’s device deployment can be done in minutes. Once enrolled devices can be managed in bulk with Moki’s simple-to-use UI.

Our Featured Mobile Device Management Tools

Point of Sale (PoS)

Moki’s mobile device management platform helps turn any smartphone or tablets into a single-purpose POS terminal. With Moki these devices can be locked to a single application so you can be sure they are only being utilized as intended.

Digital Kiosk

Moki MDM provides the functionality needed to deploy and manage digital kiosks in any scenario. Additionally, when using our Moki Kiosk application users can lock to desired URLs, images, and videos for a consistent end-user experience.

Digital Signage

Deploying, managing, and updating digital signage solutions has never been easier with Moki’s robust mobile device management platform. With Moki, you can turn Android, iOS, or BrightSign devices into dedicated signage displays or media players.

Why Pick Moki’s MDM Solutions?

It’s a big step to consider a large-scale tool to manage the fleet of mobile devices that power your businesses day to day activities. Moki is committed to providing comprehensive solutions that improve user experiences, reduce costs, and simplify all aspects of your business.

Secure Devices

Lockdown and secure an Android or iOS device to ensure tighter control of content and create a predictable user experience. Our MDM solutions are easy to install and will take new devices to live in under 15 minutes.

Operational Costs

Moki makes mobile device management easy for even the largest enterprise. With Remote device control, app health monitoring, notification systems, and effective options to quickly troubleshoot any device. Our software is easy to update and manage, keeping costs low on your end.

Customer Experiences

Moki enhanced devices help create additional branded digital experiences for your customers! Through digital signage, interactive kiosks, and point of sale solutions, you can improve customer retention, engagement, and sales.

Specialized MDM Solutions You Need

Moki specializes in creating mobile device management solutions that are tailored to different operating systems so you can keep using the devices you and your customers are used to! Every program comes with the support and security that you deserve.

Adopted for Business by Leading Brands Worldwide

Read our case studies to see how companies have used Moki to save money, increase customer engagement and drive sales.

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