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Moki-powered solutions.

Digital Sales Kiosks
Engage customers with product discovery and customization and measure results across different groups of customers. Then let them buy the goods on the spot.

Digital Signage
The 90s called and they want their static signs back. Drive product attraction and measure what content is working across different audiences.

The point of sale is becoming a place to interact and not just to transact with customers. Use it as an opportunity to tie a bow on their buying journey.

Endless Aisle
Don't miss a sale because you don't have the product or style in stock. Give customers access to your entire inventory – in-store and online – and attribute sales to specific devices and stores.

Loyalty Kiosks
Give your customers a better loyalty program and measure what attracts customers to sign up. Gone are the cards that make your wallet fat – but not in a good way.

In-store digital devices are transforming the face of retail. By using devices like digital kiosks, mobile point of sale (mPOS), digital signage and handheld devices for associates, you can deliver dynamic and personalized digital experiences to your customers. These experiences bridge your online and physical store experiences to improve your customers' buying journey. The results – happier customers and increased sales.

Our tools for success.


Our platform lets you control all of your devices from one central location. This includes hardware settings, content management, app management and device health monitoring.

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Rest assured that your devices are locked down and safe. Moki protects devices from accidental neglect as well as intentional meddling. We'll even notify you if something goes wrong.

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How are customers interacting with your devices? What content is working and what content isn't? Who is using your devices? Moki Insights gives you answers to these questions.

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We enable in-store digital experiences worldwide.


Belly, Inc. Kiosks Globally


RAB Lighting Sales Increase


Clarks Shoes Locations

We help top brands use Customer Facing Devices.

Moki provides remote management, security and analytics for PayPoint's next-generation payments terminals.

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Using Moki, Belly can now control and monitor over 11,500 iPad tablets nationwide.

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Moki will be deployed in over 500 Clarks Shoes locations in the UK and Ireland.

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