Digital interactions are transforming the once tedious car-buying experience in dealerships into a personalized, customer-centric buying experience. Moki allows dealers to easily secure devices, remotely manage content and more.

Transform Your Showroom Experience

Automotive professionals trust Moki to manage their device deployments for these common industry scenarios:

Keep Personal Information Private

Using Moki to lockdown your customer-facing devices to one purpose allows you to collect customer information securely. Thanks to Moki’s customizable alerts you can monitor the health of your devices and remotely apply security updates to ensure your devices function properly.

Jumpstart the Sales Process

Automotive dealers are looking for better ways for their salespeople to engage with prospective car buyers. By providing sales representatives with iOS or Android devices, they are able to answer questions, provide more information and view and share spec sheets, brochures, share high-resolutions images and integrate with the dealer’s CRM to file customer information away quickly. These devices increase the number of customers being helped at a time, speed up processes through ease of filling out paperwork, applying for loans, credit checks and signing purchase forms. Use Moki to remotely manage content on these devices, pushing out updates with all new forms and brochures to all your locations at the same time.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Digital kiosks allow for seamless check-in for car services along with updates on service queues, and even the ability to offer games to pass the time. These devices can help customers learn more about manufacturer incentives, promotions and advertise financing options, current interest rates and more. Use Moki to lockdown your kiosks to a single app or web URL to ensure consistent customer experiences that deliver your informative sales information.

"Moki's Support Team Is, By Far, Their Most Significant Asset. They Have Always Been Very Responsive And Supportive. Their Product Is Excellent, But Their Support Is World-Class. "
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