How to Get the Most Out of BrightSign Digital Signage

BrightSign and Moki have joined forces to provide businesses with even more advantages when it comes to advanced digital signage MDM solutions. Digital signage is a great way to engage prospective customers when they walk into a store, restaurant, or other business. With Moki’s mobile device management (MDM) solutions powering BrightSign devices, business owners can remotely manage their mobile signage device fleet from one central location and ensure that their displays are always up and running properly. Today, we will discuss the benefits of using BrightSign digital signage and how Moki’s MDM solutions can help businesses get the most out of their BrightSign displays.

How Moki’s and Brightsign Partnership Enhances BrightSign Digital Signage

Moki’s MDM solutions and Brightsign’s digital signage displays go hand-in-hand when it comes to optimizing a business’s digital signage. This is because without Moki’s MDM solution, BrightSign devices would be deployed and essentially left to fend for themselves if a business owner has no ability to remote control or manage the digital signage displays. A lack of MDM leads to significant security vulnerabilities, malfunctioning devices that are not up to date, among many other things that a business owner has very little time for. With Moki’s MDM solution for BrightSign digital devices, however, business owners can easily monitor and manage large fleets of BrightSign devices and get back to doing business.

So, what advantages does MDM yield for business owners with BrightSign devices? To start, remote management means items like device reboots, pushing and pulling files, setting device time, updating firmware, and taking screenshots can be done from one centralized location. This means there’s no need to send individual employees to perform maintenance for each device, saving you considerable time and labor. With Moki Total Control for BrightSign, business owners can run and maintain their digital system with ease using our cloud-based remote MDM solution.

Run & Maintain Your BrightSign Digital Signage Fleet with Ease

Moki’s and Brightsign’s partnership enables business owners to get their mobile device players up and running without a hitch. In fact, deployment with Moki takes a few minutes at the most, and can even be done for you with our managed services offering. Further, Moki gives you the ability to group players and manage them on a group level, as well as view them on a map and interact with the devices based on their location. Using features such as player grouping with hierarchy as well as group action sequences makes managing digital signage fleets easy and intuitive.

Moki makes it possible to ensure BrightSign digital players will be in sync with the content you need at all times, working in tandem with your preferred CMS to give you an added layer of control over your device fleet. With the ability to see content in real time as well as take screenshots remotely, user interaction with the digital device is eliminated entirely.  With BrightSign powered by Moki,  you can forget about having to manually update BrightSign devices or send out employees for maintenance; all of it can be done with the same level of control  as you would have if you were standing in the same room as the device.

By leveraging BrightSign’s digital signage capabilities and Moki’s mobile device management features, businesses can elevate their customer experience without  having to expend additional time and effort.

Moki Total Control for BrightSign:  Easy, Comprehensive Device Management

Our partnership with BrightSign is just one more way that Moki makes it easy for you to manage all of your digital signage devices in one place. With Moki Total Control for BrightSign, you gain complete control over BrightSign digital devices from any location, with little to no user intervention. Our cloud-based MDM solution works for a wide array of digital devices, including those using iOS or Android operating systems.  Business owners can feel at ease knowing their BrightSign digital devices are always up to date, secure and running at optimal performance. If you are interested in learning more about how to manage your BrightSign devices with Moki, get in touch with one of our MDM experts today.


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