MDM Solution for Kiosks: Drive Customer Engagement and Increase Sales

Moki provides mobile device management (MDM) solutions for businesses operating within a wide range of industries. MDM is a critical piece of infrastructure for any business that relies on mobile devices. Kiosks are becoming increasingly popular, and Moki’s MDM solution tailored specifically for kiosks is the perfect way to ensure that your fleet of kiosks is running smoothly. In this blog post, we will discuss the benefits of Moki’s MDM solution for kiosks and why your business should consider Moki as its go-to MDM provider.

Moki’s Kiosk Management Software in Action 

Kiosks are a common mobile device found in modern retail stores, airports and other places of business. Kiosks can provide customer-facing interactive capabilities to engage prospective business and drive sales. MDM is a critical component in the day-to-day management of kiosks. That’s why Moki’s MDM solution for kiosks is designed to make it easier for businesses to manage and maintain their fleet of kiosks.

Moki’s Digital Kiosk solution has a wide array of use cases, and spans across industries such as hospitality, retail, healthcare, banking, automotive sales and more. With Moki, businesses are able to efficiently manage and monitor their kiosk fleet while simultaneously improving customer engagement. Moki simplifies MDM for business owners even further by offering a convenient app that can be used without any additional fee in many use cases with our solution.

There are several unique examples of Moki’s Digital Kiosk in action. This includes:

  • Tablets used for customer experience ratings in stores at exits
  • Endless Aisle kiosks in retail stores that provide additional product options and variations that are not physically located in the store.
  • Room booking tablets.
  • Tablets in car dealership showrooms to display additional vehicle colors and configurations
  • Bank kiosks to allow users to access online services while in the bank.
  • Product purchasing kiosks in factories for employees to purchase.
  • Information kiosks at a museum.
  • Tablet in a hotel lobby to purchase tickets for a show in the hotel theater.

MDM Solutions for Customer Facing, Single Purpose Devices

Using Moki’s Digital Kiosk remote management capabilities, businesses can quickly deploy, control, and monitor their tablet-based Moki digital kiosk. Complete with device lockdown capabilities to selected URLs or applications, Moki allows for a stable and comprehensive user experience when managing a digital kiosk. Plus, Moki offers low touch deployment when setting up a device fleet. With this, businesses can reap benefits such as cost savings, and a simple set up and user experience.

Moki’s MDM solutions for kiosks allows businesses to manage and control their own fleet of customer facing, single-purpose devices such as kiosks. One differentiator of ours, however, includes our expertise in MDM for employee devices, as well as enrolling and managing large mobile device fleets. Moki even offers managed services for a business’s entire MDM solution, enabling an entirely hands-off user experience. 

Why Choose Moki MDM for Kiosks?

MDM for Moki Digital Kiosk offers a simple and secure MDM solution for businesses seeking to improve customer engagement with interactive digital kiosks. With MDM by Moki, businesses get a comprehensive solution that allows them to remotely manage and monitor their kiosk fleets. Features like device lockdown capabilities, remote control, and low-touch deployment, MDM by Moki can help businesses save time and money while giving them the ability to provide a better customer experience.

MDM from Moki is the perfect MDM solution for any business looking to improve its digital kiosk offering. Get in touch with Moki’s dedicated MDM team to learn more about MDM for kiosks and how our solution can optimize customer engagement and increase sales.


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