Scale Your Devices with Low-Touch Deployment

When it comes to mobile device management (MDM), quick and easy deployment is key. Businesses don’t have time to waste when it comes to getting their systems up and running. That’s why Moki’s MDM platforms allow for simple deployment of single-purpose and multi-user solutions. In this blog post, we will discuss low-touch deployment and no-touch enrollment for a number of devices. We will also cover, the benefits and how this tool is set up for its respective devices.

What is Low-Touch Deployment for MDM?

Low-touch deployment is a method of mobile device deployment that requires little to no user interaction. This means that once the devices are enrolled in an MDM solution, they can be automatically configured and deployed with little to no user intervention. This is ideal for deployments of large numbers of mobile devices. It streamlines the process of setting up a business’s mobile device fleet and eliminates complications one may encounter.

Depending on the device type, whether it is Android, iOS, BrightSign, or any other mobile device operating system; the low-touch deployment process will be different as the functionalities vary across operating platforms. So, how exactly does low-touch deployment and zero-touch enrollment work for each device type?

Low-Touch Deployment for iOS Mobile Device Management

Apple’s Device Enrollment Program (DEP) primarily uses Apple Business Manager (ABM) and allows for rapid deployment of mobile devices with no manual configuration. This means the iOS device automatically enrolls itself as part of a mobile device fleet. In fact, all users have to do is simply go through the usual language and wifi connection prompts and the device will proceed to automatically enroll itself. Whether the device is fresh out of the box or a factory reset device, users can enjoy a minimal-touch and simplified process when setting up their mobile device fleet.

Setting Up DEP For iOS Devices: What You Need To Know

Setting up iOS devices for DEP requires an Apple Business Manager or Apple School Manager (ASM) account. From there, users will need to upload a token from ABM or ASM into Moki’s platform. Once the devices are added to ABM or ASM they can then be synced into Moki and assigned a DEP Enrollment Profile. This process is what allows for the quick and easy deployment of iOS devices.

One important thing to note for users is that in order to have the devices added to their DEP account, it must be done by a certified reseller. Or, done manually using a Mac computer connected to a device.

Low-touch Enrollment for Android Mobile Device Management

Similar to iOS devices, Android mobile devices can come with low-touch enrollment or “Zero-touch enrollment”. Depending on the operating platform, this setting is ready out of the box. Users can simply enroll their Android mobile device fleet into Moki’s platform and the system will automatically provision and deploy the devices. With Moki, both Android Agent and Android Enterprise platform solutions are minimal to no-touch and can be quickly deployed at scale.

Setting Up Android Agent: What You Need To Know

Moki’s Android Agent platform (also known as device admin) enables business owners to secure, monitor, and remote manage any number of Android devices from one cloud-based platform.

Setting up low-touch deployment for Android Agent will involve “pre-registration” for its devices. This means users can pre-register devices based on the device serial number or mac address and assign an Enrollment Code. In such cases, the Moki Agent app would need to be pre-installed or manually installed on the device. Once devices are pre-registered and the Agent app is opened, the device will begin to automatically enroll with Moki.

Android Agent requires users to make a simple CSV file with all the necessary device information as well as desired Enrollment Codes. The user will then upload this file into Moki under the pre-registration section.

Setting Up Android Enterprise: What You Need to Know

For Android Enterprise, Moki uses “Zero-touch enrollment”. This is a mobile device management enrollment method that requires little user input or interaction. The automated one-time setup and configuration of devices with Android enterprise saves valuable time and money for businesses.  With the device brand-new out of the box, or factory reset users can enjoy a simple and quick setup process. User will only need to connect to internet and accept a few screen prompts.

Set up for Moki’s Android Enterprise will require the help of an Android Zero Touch certified reseller. The devices should be purchased from the reseller who then adds them to the customer’s Zero Touch Portal. From there, devices can then be assigned an Enrollment Token generated by Moki.

Bulk Device Enroll with BrightSign

Lastly, we have BrightSign devices which are used for powering digital signage. These devices also come with Bulk Enrollment capabilities. Meaning a large number of devices can be automatically enrolled into Moki’s platform. Just like with iOS and Android mobile devices, once the enrollment process is complete, the devices are ready for action.

Setting Up Bulk Device Enrollment: What You Need to Know

An official partner of Moki, BrightSign’s powerful digital signage is supported by our MDM platform. BrightSign’s robust and easy to use remote player management software enables greater visibility into networks for business owners while allowing for easy and remote management of BrightSign devices.

Like Android Agent, all users need to do is create a CSV file with necessary device information and desired setup. From there, the file should be uploaded into Moki’s MDM platform under the “Bulk Device Enroll” Section.

The Benefits of Using Low-touch Deployment With Moki

It’s hard to imagine what a mobile device setup would look like without low-touch deployment. Especially for mobile fleets with thousands of devices. Low-touch deployment is time and cost effective,  simple to use and set up, and requires minimal to no user interaction or input. With the ability to ship the already configured devices directly to their end-location, users can get up and running immediately.

With Moki, low-touch deployment can be done in a matter of minutes, and allows for greater control of devices for business owners. Low-touch deployment is also great for mobile device fleets that are constantly changing or growing, as it offers a scalable solution that can be easily adjusted.

Moki offers unrivaled customer support and dedicated team members to ensure your mobile device fleet deployment goes off without a hitch. By providing the tools businesses need to effectively manage large scale mobile device fleets, Moki reduces costs and drastically improves user experience for staff and business owners alike. Talk to our team to scale your devices with low-touch deployment today!


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