7 Smart Use Cases for Moki’s Mobile Device Management Solution

It’s no secret that a comprehensive mobile device management solution can help businesses soar.. That being said, Moki’s MDM software is transforming the way businesses and organizations from all different types of industries interact with their customers. From mobile POS systems to digital signage and kiosks, Moki’s MDM does all the heavy lifting when it comes to running a fully functioning mobile device fleet. This frees business owners from time consuming tasks such as remotely managing updates, controlling access, and troubleshooting any issues that may arise. 

In this blog post, we will go over seven different smart use cases for Moki’s mobile device management solution.

What Are the Different Purposes for Moki’s Mobile Device Management System?

Moki’s MDM software has a ton of different features and capabilities for a wide range of industries. To give you a better idea of what Moki can do, here are some of the different purposes for our mobile device management solution:

1. Digital Signage in Healthcare

One industry that can benefit from Moki’s MDM solution is healthcare. With digital signage, doctor’s offices and clinics can display important information to patients. These displays can include a  rotating set of content including educational screens as well as advertisements. What’s more is doctor’s offices can even drive revenue by allowing for advertisements on their digital signage.

2. Mobile POS Systems

Another industry that can use Moki’s MDM solution is retail or even hospitality. With a mobile point-of-sale (POS) system, businesses can ring up sales using  Android tablets or iPads deployed as single-purpose devices. This allows businesses to provide mobile POS devices at a lower cost. By using any standard Android devices or iPads, businesses don’t have to spend on high-cost devices specifically made for point of sale use only.

3. Employee Hand-Held Mobile Devices

The advantages of using Moki’s MDM solution for employee hand-held devices are far reaching and spans across several use cases. Whether it is a phone or a tablet, employees in retail (or otherwise) are provided a device that is locked down to use for one or more specific functions.

A few examples for this use case include a retail shoe store providing employee tablets to enable them to look up inventory or employee communication, airport workers using tablets for tracking  maintenance and preparation work using the approved application only. Even much of the hospitality industry has made the move to handheld devices, using them to track food orders and preparation.

4. Survey Tablet

With survey tablets, retail or hospitality businesses can easily gather customer feedback on their experience right on the spot. With Moki’s MDM solution, these survey tablets can be locked down to only allow the survey application. This means less management for business owners, and more time spent improving their business.

5. Mobile Product Ordering Kiosks

In a similar vein, mobile product ordering kiosks are also gaining popularity, particularly when it comes to the retail space. An example would be when a customer that sells apparel and accessories for factory and warehouse workers has tablets placed on-premise This way, workers can quickly and easily order these products on-site.

6. Digital Signage & Kiosks for Retail

Moki’s MDM solution can also be used for digital signage and kiosks in retail. Different retail scenarios that can benefit from our MDM solution include alcohol, custom doors, power equipment, car sales, and more. Moreover, Moki allows customers to control and display interactive digital displays that can be easily updated as Moki integrates with any CMS system.

7. Bank Self-Service Kiosks

Another great use case for Moki’s MDM solution is bank self-service kiosks. These are becoming increasingly popular as they offer customers an easy way to access and manage their bank accounts without having to wait in line for the next available teller. By allowing customers to securely manage and wipe the device after each use, banks can ensure that customer data is never compromised.

Take Full Control with Moki’s Mobile Device Management Solution

Moki’s mobile device management solution offers a variety of different features that businesses can take advantage of. With Moki, businesses can remotely manage, control, troubleshoot, and update devices that are not always attended to. An all-encompassing MDM solution meant to make life easier for business owners who hate MDMs, Moki never compromises on ease of use or quality.

Moki has the perfect solution for your business and we want to help you get the most out of our comprehensive MDM software. With greater cost savings and less time managing mobile device fleets, business owners can focus on their day-to-day operations and leave the mobile device management to us.

Get in touch with our experts at Moki today for a consultation on how our MDM software can benefit your company.


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