Leverage a Customizable Launcher and Kiosk Application


Companies continually ask for customization that fits their company wants and needs. Sometimes in the MDM space, there are partners with limitations. How the customer experience is controlled is a top request from our customers which is why we wanted to build something that can fulfill their needs while being easy to use and cost affordable. With our customizable launcher and kiosk applications, we can provide your team with the built-in remote settings that you are looking for to help manage devices and a branded end user experience.

What is Moki Kiosk?

Moki Kiosk is a customizable web browser that can be used to:

  • Allow users to provide a web browser, but limit the sites that can be visited
  • Create a personalized, branded browser experience, with customizable layout options
  • Display videos or images in full screen for an enhanced Kiosk experience
  • Use of a screensaver when no one is interacting with the device
  • Manage settings and configurations remotely from within Moki. 
  • Push app changes to devices in bulk using Action Sequences and Settings Templates

What is Moki Launcher?

Moki Launcher is a launcher application that provides the ability to have a customizable, branded desktop experience on the device: 

  • Lock a device down to multiple applications (2+) and block access to all other applications
  • Customize the wallpaper, app icons, app size, app names, etc. to build a branded kiosk experience
  • Manage settings and configurations remotely from within Moki. 
  • Push app changes to devices in bulk using Action Sequences and Settings Templates

Benefits of Moki Kiosk and Moki Launcher

Now that you understand what Moki Kiosk and Launcher are, it is important to dive into the benefits they can provide for your organization, customers and end users and how exactly these features work and are controlled. 

  • Provide users additional options for customization
  • Configuration to produce a branded, desired end-user experience. 
  • Additional lockdown options, specifically for browser, kiosk, and multi-app use cases
  • Moki Launcher and Moki Kiosk are both supported on Android
  • Moki Kiosk is supported on iOS

How They Work

Settings and configurations for both apps can be controlled locally on the device, as well as remotely using App Settings Management through Moki. You can manage and control a single device as well as larger fleets. Changes can also be pushed to devices in bulk using Action Sequences and Settings Templates. 

With Moki Kiosk, we recently had a customer using a fleet of iPads with a point-of-sale solution that did not have its own app and was only accessible via a URL on the web. They were able to leverage Moki Kiosk to provide access to the POS solution, but block access to anything else on the device, or any other websites.

With Moki Launcher, we have a customer that provides tablets to in-store employees at a retail store. They need to give the employees access to multiple apps, but don’t want to give them full access to all apps and settings on the device. They are able to use Moki Launcher to accomplish this and create a customized, branded experience.

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Our customizable Moki Launcher and Moki Kiosk Application have numerous benefits and are easy to use. Take control of how your devices are managed, used and deployed and work with a partner like Moki who can help you! Learn more about this feature by talking to a Moki expert and seeing a demo. 


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