Customer Support: Why it is Lacking in the MDM Industry, and How Moki is Different

MDM Industry Support

It is a familiar scenario: You engage a mobile device management (MDM) company to solve a problem. You have a great sales and implementation experience, and then suddenly the company fails to live up to your expectations when you need support. When you call customer service, you are faced with an automated voice menu, put on hold, or told that an agent is unavailable (if your MDM provider even offers phone support). When you submit a ticket or initiate a chat, you are forced to wait days, even weeks, before someone acknowledges your request–costing you time and money. 

In a recent survey, 70% of MDM customers stated that they were dissatisfied with their company’s customer support. Even though most MDM companies provide robust solutions that solve real problems, they often lack when it comes to supporting their customers. The following stats were also discovered in that survey:

  • 55% of service agents fail to answer customer questions appropriately.
  • 73% of customers who changed MDM companies said that they went to a competitor due to bad service.
  • 75% of the buying experience is based on the way the customer feels they are being treated.
  • 70% of customers say it takes too long to reach a live person for help.
  • 68% of customers ended a business relationship due to lousy service.

Importance of Top-Notch Support

With numbers like these, it makes you wonder why most MDM companies don’t put a priority on customer support. No one knows for sure, but many companies seem to view customer service as an expense that can be cut. It’s easy to see how a budget line item that does not produce revenue would be viewed that way, but skimping on customer service can have a direct impact on the bottom line, according to Texas A&M University marketing professor Leonard Berry, who has written several books on the subject.

“Senior managers often fail to understand the hidden, long-term ‘costs’ of poor service that include costly customer loss, high turnover of the most service-minded employees, negative customer perception, and reputational damage,” says professor Leonard Berry. 

Berry believes that in many cases, companies are defining what customers want incorrectly. In some cases, he wrote, that means prizing pricing or features over treating people well.

“This focus on price or features as value encourages underinvestment in essential operational categories, such as frontline employee training,” he said, noting that value to the customer “also includes perceived non-price costs, such as inconvenience or having to deal with indifferent employees.”

This might also explain why most MDM companies charge thousands of dollars a year to their customers for support and why smaller customers don’t receive the same level of attention compared to other larger organizations.  

How is Moki different?

It is easy to say that Moki has the best support in the MDM industry, but we think that actions speak louder than words. Here are some facts, based on a recent internal audit:

  • Moki’s support is 100% free to all of our paying customers.*
  • Not only does Moki have a direct support number, but we don’t put you through automated systems or make you wait. When you call customer support, a real human being, who speaks your language, and who knows how to help you, will answer the phone.* 
  • Moki’s average response time for in-app chats and email tickets is only seven minutes, and 90% of those issues are solved during that first interaction. That means that when you start a chat or submit a support ticket, you won’t wait for days or weeks to get the help that you need.*
  • Although Moki offers support plans for larger customers which extend support hours to nights and weekends, we treat all customers equally. This means that if you have 2,500 devices or 25 devices, you will receive the same level of support.*

*Free Support is Monday through Friday, 8 am to 8 pm Eastern Time (excluding major US holidays). Extended support hours or additional enhanced support options are available. Please speak to a Moki Sales Representative to learn more. 

In short, Moki has the absolute best support compared to all other MDM companies, and we would love the opportunity for you to see for yourself. If you are interested in seeing Moki’s world-class support in action or if you are interested in learning more about how Moki can help your business, please call us at (844) 665-4669 or request a demo at


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