The Challenge

OnQ Wanted A Specialized Mobile Device Management Solution To Support Their Interactive Digital Displays

Top brands and retailers turn to OnQ to create interactive retail experiences for their customers. To successfully deploy these solutions at scale, OnQ requires a robust, specialized mobile device management (MDM) platform to manage its growing network of connected digital devices in-store.

Before partnering with Moki and utilizing our mobile device management  solution, OnQ was working with another enterprise MDM solution. 


While using this other MDM solution, they began to notice technical issues popping up frequently, with a lack of support available to troubleshoot those issues. It became increasingly challenging to find someone who truly knew the legacy MDM system well enough to help.

OnQ was looking for an MDM solution that could scale to support any size fleet of devices and work across multiple platforms. OnQ frequently works with Android, iOS, and BrightSign devices, and many MDM solutions could not deploy across multiple types of devices.

Ultimately, OnQ wanted to be able to confidently ship out, deploy, and maintain their digital displays 24/7.

The solution

Moki Provided A Specialized Mobile Device Management Software That Worked For Android, iOS, and BrightSign Devices

A mobile device management software is essential for what OnQ does in the retail space. As they began their search for a customizable MDM solution, they ran into a previous Moki partner. 

OnQ was initially drawn to Moki’s services based on the positive history we had established with that previous partner and the fact that Moki was able to support their three biggest platforms: iOS, Android, and BrightSign. After they were referred, the Moki team was happy to set up demos to show them the potential power of our combined solution. 

The beauty of the combined solution is that once the APIs are in place, the setup process is seamless and can be completed from unboxing to an operational display in just 8 clicks. With the combined Moki and OnQ solution, they can now scale their fleets of digital displays with stability, and in no time at all.

After making the transition to Moki’s MDM platform, OnQ also noticed that they no longer had to deal with troubleshooting time-consuming technical issues every day. Where they had previously struggled to find the proper service and support for their active digital displays, they found that Moki provided industry-best customer support.

"The beauty of the combined solutions is that we now have the absolute ability to scale with stability in very little time, which is very difficult to do. We love the fact that it just works."
Jason Seed - COO at OnQ

OnQ’s Favorite Moki Features

Cross-Platform Capabilities

With Moki, OnQ can deploy thousands of Android, iOS, and Brightsign devices with a seamless user experience.

Dedicated Support Team

Moki is dedicated to providing world-class support with an average response time of 7 minutes and 92% solve rate during the first interaction.

Seamless Setup & Configuration

With the combined Moki and OnQ solution, the setup & configuration of a new device is easier than ever and can be done in as little as 8 clicks.

About OnQ

OnQ is a one-stop shop for all of your design, engineering, prototyping, app development, testing, installation needs, and more. OnQ has reimagined and transformed dull displays to create memorable shopping experiences for an army of brands all over the world. They put together the ultimate combinations of hardware, software, and firmware to build these displays from the ground up.

While the technology behind OnQ’s Converge platform is already powerful, it also gives insightful data and analytics to inform your biggest business decisions and strategies. OnQ manages all aspects of a retail project from POP display design and engineering to technical install and ongoing support.

OnQ has an in-house technology team that is constantly working to find new ways to surprise and delight shoppers with an improved retail experience. Visit their website to learn more.

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