CASE STUDY: The University of Connecticut

Study Room Booking Devices Save Time & University Resources

The Challenge

How To Improve The University’s Study Room Scheduling Processes To Save Time And Money

With over 500 conference and study rooms on the main campus alone, an effective and efficient scheduling process is imperative, but after an online reservation system proved to be confusing for students and faculty alike, UCONN decided to place Android devices outside each room to display the room’s current status and upcoming schedule.
The new screens made an immediate impact, but when an app update was issued, a manual update was required by a staff member at each individual device, a process which proved to be extremely time-consuming.

“All of the time saved on support calls was quickly negated by the need to have a staff member physically visit each individual device. The first update took nearly a week to complete, during which time our support calls spiked again. We realized we needed a better way to manage our devices.”

The Solution

Use Moki to lock Android devices to a study room scheduling application

And so the search began for a mobile device management solution that would allow UCONN to lock down the devices, as well as manage and update them remotely.

“We looked at several MDM providers. Naturally, we wanted to be able to manage the devices remotely, but our biggest needs were the ability to securely lock down the devices and the ability to update them remotely and simultaneously. We needed to know we wouldn’t be waking up to any more week-long surprises.”

Moki’s infinitely scalable cloud-based MDM platform delivers functionality that traditional MDM providers can’t. This makes Moki the leading MDM solution for Digital Signage, Digital Kiosks, and POS deployments. For UCONN, Moki proved to be the perfect fit.

“In the end, we went with Moki because they’re the industry leader in securely locking down dedicated devices and remotely and simultaneously updating them.”

With Moki, UCONN can monitor, manage, and maintain their dedicated Android devices, streamlining and optimizing a tedious, time-consuming, and inefficient process.

“In short, Moki allows us to automate our operations, which has saved us tremendous amounts of time and money. We just issued our first update since deploying Moki on our devices, and what took a week last time took less than 30 minutes this time. To boot, support calls are down over 70% since the old online registration system, and my staff can focus their efforts on more important things than a manual app update.”

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The University of Connecticut is a national leader among public research universities, with more than 30,000 students seeking answers to critical questions in classrooms, labs, and the community. A culture of innovation drives this pursuit of knowledge throughout the University’s network of campuses. Connecticut’s commitment to higher education helps UConn attract students who thrive in the most competitive environments, as well as globally renowned faculty members. Our school pride is fueled by a history of success that has made us a standout in Division I athletics. UConn fosters a diverse and vibrant culture that meets the needs and seizes the opportunities of a dynamic global society.

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