Digital Kiosks Improve Restaurant Customer Experiences

Case Study — Rodizio Grill

Rodizio Grill

The Challenge

Modernize The Dining Experience And Find A Way To Tell A Unique Brand Story

As an early player in a unique restaurant niche, Brazilian Steakhouses, Rodizio has always had to thwart off competition.

With the rise in competition and the consumer adoption of mobile technology, Rodizio sought to modernize its dining experience and develop a new way to display its menu and tell its unique brand story.

The Solution

Customer Facing Devices Increase Brand Engagement

Rodizio Grill installed iPad based Digital Kiosks with Moki at popular locations. Diners use these devices to browse menus and learn more about Rodizio’s unique story.

Total Control By Moki Enables Rodizio To:

  1. Interact with diners via Moki’s simple and elegant kiosk app, MokiTouch.
  2. Monitor the health and performance of these Customer Facing Devices.
  3. Remotely manage the user experience and the content that diners can engage with.
  4. Analyze Digital Interactions, device status and app health.

About Rodizio Grill

Rodizio Grill is the first authentic Brazilian Steakhouse restaurant or Churrascaria in the United States. Rodizio is an award-winning restaurant that has been featured in national media publications including USA Today, The Washington Post, CBS News, NBC News and more. It was established in 1995 by Sao Paulo native Ivan Utrera.

Rodizio has grown from a single location in 1995 to having locations around the country and is continually expanding.

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