mPOS Tablets Increase Non-Profit Donations

Case Study — SimpleGive


The Challenge

Facilitate An Easy Way For Non-Profits To Accept Payments

SimpleGive helps non-profits to generate revenue by providing the simplest way to accept payments. Their online dashboard allows non-profits to accept and track payments which enables them to better plan for and stabilize their income.

As part of their mission, SimpleGive has always provided its customers with the most secure, user-friendly and innovative ways to accept payments.

The Solution

Customer Facing Devices Are Used To Accept Payments

As mobile technology advanced and as less and less consumers began carrying cash and checks, SimpleGive needed to develop a mobile payment strategy for its customers. As part of that strategy, SimpleGive took iPads and turned them into “giving kiosks” that enable churches and other non-profits to accept and track card payments.

Moki Total Control Enables SimpleGive To:

  1. Deliver a controlled user experience.
  2. Secure device and payment acceptance by locking down the iPad.
  3. Ensure that devices are running the most up-to-date apps and payment functionality.
  4. Analyze Digital Interactions, device status and app health.

About SimpleGive

SimpleGive is an online tithe and donation company that focuses on helping non-profit organizations increase and stabilize their revenues. SimpleGive provides the simplest and most modern forms of payment acceptance. SimpleGive is the solution of choice for churches and non-profits around the country to generate more revenue securely, intuitively and efficiently.

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