Case Study:
Moki & SteraScreen

The Challenge

SteraScreen Needed Remote Access To Their Digital Automatic Hand Sanitizing Station Displays

SteraScreen topped their digital hand sanitizing stations with 15 inch and 18 inch touch screens that allow businesses to display digital content like visitor registration, sanitizing instructions, marketing opportunities, and other eye-catching content. With these capabilities came the need for them to be able to remotely access and manage the content that is being displayed at all times.

SteraScreen wanted businesses to be able to secure, monitor, and remotely manage the Android devices being used on their sanitizing stations so that they could perform remote content updates, push software updates, and conveniently load and schedule campaigns as needed. 

Before using Moki, SteraScreen would have to rely on individual end-users to load a USB with the new content, campaign, or promotion, and manually plug it into each device to update.

SteraScreen was ultimately looking for a cost-effective mobile device management solution and found that many other MDM subscriptions were extremely expensive.

The solution

The Moki Agent Platform Provided Content Creation & Remote Screen Management Access

The SteraScreen team had been referred to Moki through an existing Moki partner, and we were happy to set SteraScreen up with demos and a temporary license to test it right away. With Moki, SteraScreen users no longer had to go onsite to manually upload content via a USB drive and could do everything remotely through a feature-packed MDM system. Businesses could also detect when their displays were and were not online, and had access to that information in real-time, which allowed them to deliver the most relevant and timely content.

SteraScreen found it easier than ever to enroll and lockdown new devices onto the Moki platform, as they could configure and make new devices live in under 15 minutes. Moki gave SteraScreen businesses the ability to push out updated settings, apps, content, and promotions, to multiple devices simultaneously at the click of a button.

With Moki, SteraScreen has found that business owners are saving up to 20 hours a week with the improved abilities to prepare and push content remotely. They have also seen a significant time and cost-saving between having to do just a couple of remote updates on any display vs relying on end-users to manage devices manually.

With the Moki Agent preloaded on the digital screens, businesses can display content that elevates their customers’ experience as soon as they walk into the building.

"I couldn’t believe how easy it was to enroll a device onto the Moki platform. You’re essentially given an enrollment code that you enter on the Moki Agent app and it conveniently appears right onto Moki. When I demonstrate that to the customers, they are always super impressed."
Chris Hawkes
Director at SteraScreen

SteraScreen’s Favorite Moki Features

Dedicated Customer Support

SteraScreen has a dedicated account manager there to support them and answer any questions they may have.

Convenient Remote Access

The ability to secure, monitor, and remotely manage devices gave SteraScreen a 35% cost savings.

Time and Cost Savings

With Moki, SteraScreen users can configure and set up new devices in under 15 minutes.

About SteraScreen

SteraScreen specializes in providing all-in-one smart digital sanitizing stations for high-end UK businesses across all market sectors. SteraScreen noticed a gap in the market for digital hand sanitizing stations that could blend seamlessly into high-end businesses like restaurants, hotels, car dealerships, and more, so they’ve worked together with company owners to develop personalized hand hygiene stations that will elevate their customers’ experience. 

The SteraScreen system provides infra-red no-touch hand sanitizing, is also designed to aesthetically complement any business’ interior space, and can be fully customized with brand graphics on a digital touch screen. 

Visit their website to learn more.

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