Moki Enables Large-Scale mPOS Deployment

Case Study — North American Bancard


How to Develop, Launch and Secure a Low-Cost Mobile Point-of-Sale Solution?

Developing and deploying mPOS at scale is daunting and requires technical expertise in mobile devices and apps.
In addition to managing, securing and locking down the devices, NAB needed to:

  1. Source appropriate hardware from reliable, trusted vendors
  2. Develop a custom Android ROM to ensure payment-grade security
  3. Stage the devices to make them ready for clients to use out-of-the-box

The Solution

A Custom Android-Based mPOS Solution with Moki Onboard

The heart of NAB’s PayAnywhere Storefront is an Android touchscreen tablet with a built-in card reader. This solution requires no up-front costs for business owners and works out of the box in minutes. With PayAnywhere Storefront, NAB is deploying its mobile payment app, PayAnywhere, on custom-built stands and NAB branded Android tablets that enable a personalized merchant experience.

PayAnywhere Storefront also includes data encryption, tokenization and fraud protection, providing both merchants and cardholders with a high level of security in the industry.

Moki enables NAB to:

  1. Control which apps are available to their merchants to limit security vulnerabilities
  2. Remotely configure the user experience and silently update critical apps without requiring user intervention
  3. Remotely monitor, control and support each device and app instance
  4. Deliver a pre-packaged solution with tablet, OS and apps out-of-the-box

Additionally, Moki helped NAB to:

  1. Source the hardware — both the device and the kiosk enclosure (with the built-in card reader)
  2. Develop the custom Android ROM for the devices
  3. Stage the devices to make them ready for customers out-of-the-box

About North American Bancard

North American Bancard (NAB) provides industry-leading point-of-sale (POS) systems for retailers of all shapes and sizes. These include credit/debit card terminals, EBT, check conversions/guarantees, gift cards and loyalty cards.

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