Kiosks made easy with MokiTouch

MokiTouch is a great solution for businesses looking to provide simple kiosks for online ordering, surveys, rewards programs or digital signage. Lock the user into the Web sites, videos or content you specify using the onboard settings. Or, enhance the experience using Manager’s remote app management.

Many customers use MokiTouch as a proof-of-concept before investing thousands of dollars on their own custom kiosk application. Get started with your own personalized kiosk experience using MokiTouch.

MokiTouch is available for extension via the Apache 2.0 model. Learn more.



Deliver interactive content

Tablets draw customers in. Using MokiTouch on an iPad or Android tablet, you can create a truly engaging kiosk experience using websites, videos or images.

  • Websites: Securely display any website in MokiTouch and keep your customers focused on only the sites you want them to see. Use a website you have or build a new site specifically for your kiosk.
  • Videos: Play and loop videos in your tablet kiosk with MokiTouch. Videos will cache on the tablet so they will continue to play, even if the Wifi goes down.
  • Images: MokiTouch will display images from a variety of formats (JPG, PNG, others) so you can easily create signage or messaging that fits your brand and style.







Show looping screensavers

  • Video and Image Screensavers: When your kiosk is idle, attract customers using a video or image screensaver. When your customer taps the screen, the tablet goes right to your home screen.
  • Create a Screensaver Playlist: Assemble any number of videos or images to create a screensaver playlist, constantly showing your messages.



Download and use for free


Available on iTunes and Google Play




Make it better with remote management

Downloading MokiTouch from the store is great, but managing fleets of tablets in the field is best done with the right tools. Deploying your kiosks with the full power of the Manager Platform is the right solution to manage large numbers of kiosks in multiple locations.



Available settings

The following settings are available within MokiTouch.

Google Analytics

Track how your kiosk is being used with Google Analytics. Simply enter your account ID and you can see every page your users visit through your kiosk.

Navigation Buttons

Back, forward, refresh, and home buttons can either be shown or hidden.

Address Bar

Show or hide the address bar for your website.

Clear Private Data

Give your customers a secure experience by letting them clear all private data when they’re done with your kiosk.

Custom Buttons

Create custom buttons that point to content you want to highlight for your customers.


Connect a printer and your customers can print receipts, handy notes, or whatever else.  AirPrint printer required.

Custom Themes

Set the background color for the kiosk to match the experience you are creating.

Web Browsing

Let your customers surf the Web on your kiosk. Set site restrictions, if desired.

Address Bar

Show or hide the address bar for your website.



MokiTouch can be managed and controlled via Moki Manager.

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Calling all developers! MokiTouch is now open source.

MokiTouch is a solid platform upon which to build your own kiosk app. To encourage innovation and give back to the community, we have made both the iOS and Android versions available for extension via the Apache License 2.0 model. Developers wishing to extend the platform can download and customize the source code from GitHub by following the links below. Moki engineers will be actively monitoring questions and requests in GitHub.

Once customized, the best way to manage deployments of greater than 10 devices is to utilize our Manager remote operations management platform.