5 Reasons Why Partnerships are Critical in the MDM Industry

partnerships are critical in the MDM industry

Technology and innovations have changed the way we live and work. The usage of mobile devices, tablets, kiosks and POS devices are rising day by day. IOS, Android and Brightsign devices have made a significant impact across almost every industry. However, it can be challenging to manage fleets of devices, troubleshoot continuous support requests and keep up with the ever evolving technology updates. 

This is why you need a partner. Partners do the heavy lifting for you and your customers so you don’t have to become a mobile device management expert. In the MDM industry specifically, for a successful business, partnering with an experienced team is crucial. Before selecting a partner, dedicated support, co-marketing to increase awareness of your product or service, sales training, technical support, and more are items you should look for. In this blog we will highlight why having a strong partnership is critical in the MDM industry and how Moki can be that partner.

1. Flexible Relationships

In any partnership, the flexibility and management of the relationship is vital for success. Whether it’s communication, creating new ventures, or focusing on goals, cooperation helps open up new avenues of collaboration; that’s what Moki does. Moki ensures flexibility in partnerships to such an extent that we can either communicate with partners or work directly with their customers. Our team works with some partners who prefer to work as the liaison between us and their customers while others prefer to be removed completely, trusting Moki to assist their customers. How we communicate and who we communicate with is totally dependent upon wants, needs and feasibility of partners. Additionally, you will receive a dedicated Moki partner contact to ensure you and your customers are receiving the communication you deserve. Thus, Moki offers complete flexibility so optimal outcomes can be achieved. 

2. Increased Security

Smartphones, tablets, kiosks, digital signage devices and POS solutions provide us with the ability to connect with others, display information and make business transactions. Beyond the security already on the device, Moki’s solution adds the ability to see dangerous behavior on apps, peripherals and devices. The increasing flexibility of these devices also poses some unique challenges. If we do not address the problems on time, they can develop into data hacks, system malfunctions and breaches. Fraudulent access to Wi-Fi, phishing campaigns, and malware software can disrupt and disconnect the companies. Moki Mobile Device Management lets you lockdown & secure devices to ensure tighter control of content and predict end-user experience to protect devices and their users. 

3. Cost-Effective

The ultimate goal of every industry and business is to cut down operational costs while offering the same seamless experience to customers. Hiring developers in-house to build an MDM solution, deploy the devices, manage the devices and continually build new features will skyrocket your operational cost. Moki can do in-house development, taking away the challenge of managing an internal developer and paying the large salary. Quicker deployment, easy updating, remote device controlling and monitoring make it time and cost-effective. Our pricing structure is well-crafted to meet every need of partners without pushing unnecessary add-ons. 

4. Minimized Downtime

The rising dependence with devices can disrupt the interconnections between different organizations and sometimes can out rightly stop them. If your devices go down, Moki can get them up and running to minimize downtime. We have the capability to manage fleets of devices from anywhere. We help solve for downtime by using alerts to notify when devices have lost internet connection so the issue can be addressed quickly. If the downtime is an issue with an app or the device, customers can use remote control to help troubleshoot and solve the issue without needing to send someone on-site to the device. Moki’s industry-best customer support is committed to a 1 hour or less response rate on emails and 5 minutes on chats and has a proven track record of resolving 90% of issues during the initial conversation, minimizing the time your devices are down. 

5. Transparency Through Alerts

Moki allows you to create custom alerts based on events or other data points, including low battery & application crashes. Using the Moki SDK, you can also be alerted when specific events are triggered within your own applications. Receive alerts via text message, email, or via exported JSON file sent to an alert URL. This helps show your customers how the devices are being used and provide data that supports it. These alerts can help you and your customers have critical insights with each device fleet. 

Partner with Moki 

Moki has a dedicated, professional, and experienced team to manage your fleet of devices. We know how to support your customers and help them find the most suitable solutions. We provide both partners and customers with dedicated support, sales training, co-marketing, and technical help. Moki Momentum Partner Program is a channel first partner program where you can grow your business alongside Moki. You can choose the partner type that best fits your business, reseller, referral, affiliate. Our goal is to support you while enabling you to provide your customers with a best in class MDM solution and obsessive focus on customer success.

In our partnership program, Momentum, Moki partners with many companies providing solutions for single-purpose device deployments. We have partnerships for VARs, Integrators, Solutions Providers, Independent Software Vendors, OEMs, and more. Want to become a partner or learn more about our partnership program? Contact us! 



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