5 Ways to Boost Your Mobile Device Fleet Management

Managing large fleets of devices to ensure they operate efficiently for your staff demands time and attention. With devices in various locations, using different platforms, and requiring access to unique applications, possibly per device, it’s a lot to track and administer. The best Mobile Device Management (MDM) platforms streamline your device management, providing instant access to devices for updates, profile adjustments, and more.

Moki MDM is a one-stop solution for managing your device fleet. Whether the fleet includes just ten devices or tens of thousands, administration is quick and easy. Moki is flexible too. The platform is designed to manage Android, iOS, and BrightSign mobile devices.

Moki boosts the performance of your fleet management in real ways that affect the bottom line of your organization. Learn how Moki can advance your fleet management.

1. Target Applications 

Using the Moki platform, you can lockdown devices to allow just one or multiple specified applications to be the only ones accessible by the fleet. This keeps your employees focused during work hours and ensures your data remains secure. Device access to applications can be customized if a few devices need access to additional applications, while the remainder of the fleet need only access a single application.

Customer-facing devices also benefit from restricting application use. Locking down a device used by customers, patients, and students prevents access to unnecessary applications and ensures your organization securely collects or provides sensitive information.

2. Streamline Maintenance

Device updates can be time-consuming and cumbersome when each device needs to be physically handled. With Moki’s fleet management, all software and application updates are managed through a single platform and pushed out to individual devices as required. No matter where the device is located, your team can be confident it is ready to do the work you need.

3. Ensure Compliance

As industries continue to lean on digital tools, regulations for managing customer data and other sensitive information are growing increasingly strict. Ensuring your healthcare facility, retail business, or non-profit organization complies with regulations, such as HIPAA or PCI-DSS, is critical. Modern MDM solutions, such as the Moki platform, help your organization adhere to these important regulations. 

4. Catch Potential Issues Early

Device downtime affects your organization in different ways but none of them offer benefits for you or your customers. Patients may not be able to access medical information, retail teams may lose important sales, and missing digital signage for an event may cause confusion among attendees. 

Decrease downtime and catch potential issues early with Moki MDM. Customizable alerts deliver status updates for devices informing you of problems that need your attention.

5. Onboard New Devices Quickly

It’s inevitable–a device will fail and a new unit will need to replace it. Deploy new devices quickly and efficiently with remote management available from Moki. Once the new device is added to your platform, simply push the apps and configurations needed to the unit. During the first few hours of use, it’s simple to monitor the health of the device, ensuring your team has the tools it needs to assist customers, attend to patients, deliver product information, and sell merchandise.

Fleet Management with Moki

The Moki MDM platform is built to deliver streamlined management for single-purpose, multi-user device fleets. Whether digital kiosks, ePOS, mPOS, or digital signage, Moki simplifies device management and helps you monitor the health of your fleet. Moki prides itself on providing the best customer service in the industry–you can count on the Moki team to assist you on your journey to best-in-class fleet management.

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