6 Must-Have MDM Features

6 must items for MDM

Each MDM provider has different features that they deploy across their fleet of devices. When looking for the best MDM provider to work with, there are 6 major features that are must-haves on every device. Before you partner with someone, make sure their software has the ability to accomplish these items without any roadblocks. Here are the 6 must-have MDM features. 

1. Device Lockdown

The need to lockdown devices to limit what users have access to is important when kiosks, POS devices and other mobile devices are public facing. This allows you to control what users see and what they are able to access on each device. 

Use Moki’s true kiosk mode or application lock-down to create hardened, single-purpose devices that limit user access to specific applications or URLs. Moki includes a fully customizable launcher and kiosk application with built-in remote settings management that allows you to personalize devices for your brand.

2. Device Management

Whether you’re looking to manage an interactive kiosk, POS station, or display content on digital signage, managing tablet devices requires three main components: Device hardware (tablet, phone, etc.), application or UX that displays your content and an MDM system to secure and manage devices. Device management allows you to manage individual devices, groups or all your devices at once. 

From a few devices to thousands of them, Moki gives you the ability to easily manage fleets of devices, updating applications and profiles, setting device behavior and scheduling events. Additionally, we offer the ability to have full remote control of your devices, allowing you to see device screens and interact in real-time.

3. Device Monitoring

Wouldn’t it be nice to receive alerts when a device needs your attention? Monitoring the devices across each of your fleets gives you visibility into the devices and shows where attention is needed. 

Moki allows you to create custom alerts based on events or other data points, including low battery & application crashes. Using the Moki SDK, you can also be alerted when specific events are triggered within your own applications. Receive alerts via text message, email, or via exported JSON file sent to an alert URL.

4. Customization

Many MDM providers are limited when it comes to customization. So, before you work with a partner, ask if they have the ability to build custom items for your device management. Often, features come up that you need to operate your fleets and if you don’t have an MDM provider who can make it happen, you could be limited. 

Moki allows you to embed our custom SDK into your iOS or Android applications, allowing you to control settings and set alerts via your Moki dashboard remotely. Using Moki’s APIs, you can push updates and perform actions on any of your devices. When it comes to customized pricing,, if you are working with another MDM provider, we can still accommodate your needs. We will work with you to match your current pricing structure so that you can join the Moki team. Our team can customize product and pricing packages to fit your specific MDM needs. 

5. Regulatory Compliance

With the inundation of data and platforms in every industry and the ability to have device fleets spread across the country or even the world, it is important to understand compliance regulations that your MDM provider offers. In many industries, meeting compliance requirements is mandatory and should be considered when enabling devices. 

The Moki Total Control Platform is run on top of the Google Cloud Platform and is both PCI DSS and HIPAA compliant. Moki has undergone and passed independent security audits from SecurityMetrics for the PCI DSS standard. 

6. World-Class Support

When a device goes down, you have questions about your fleet or need assistance, it is important that you can call a support team that can get you back up and running in no time. 

Moki’s industry-best customer support is committed to a 1 hour or less response rate and has a proven track record of resolving 90% of issues during the initial conversation. Moki Support is available Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm Eastern Time.

There are many features that you will want to consider before purchasing mobile device management software. As you connect with MDM providers, device lockdown, device management, device monitoring, customization, regulatory compliance and world-class support are 6 must-have features! We would love to connect with you to show you how our team at Moki can meet your MDM requirements.




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