6 Ways Moki Delivers More Than Other MDM Providers

Mobile devices, digital kiosks, digital signage and POS solutions have become an integral part of nearly every industry. They provide new opportunities for businesses to engage with customers, providing self-service and educational tools. Devices that are not effectively managed could end up costing a business more in security risks and other complications than ultimately benefiting them.

When selecting an effective MDM solution for your business, you should search for a scalable and comprehensive management solution that has both the features you need and the customer service you deserve. There are plenty of MDM software solutions available on the market; however, you should take the time to consider a few key factors before making any decisions.

In the case of Moki vs. other solutions, many are capable of reducing the cost, complexity, and downtime associated with your mobile devices; however, Moki has a few distinguishing features and advantages.

How Does Moki Compare?

1. Seamless Device Management

According to some other consumers in the MDM space, other large MDM solutions are difficult to navigate due to an outdated and confusing interface. On the other hand, Moki allows the  management of all digital devices from one easy-to-use application. With Moki, device management is easier than ever, ensuring setup and management can be done with just a few clicks. Your preferred content management system will be able to work in tandem with Moki to provide you with the ultimate user-friendly interface. 

2. Increased Customization

Moki provides customized MDM solutions at a price that is significantly better than other mobile device management providers. Working with another MDM provider? No problem, we will work with you to match your current pricing structure so that you can join the Moki team. We can customize product and pricing packages to fit your specific MDM needs.Together with the Moki team, you can build custom functionality both in the platform, as well as in the apps that we offer. We are also currently working on making three different pricing options available to add flexibility. 

3. World-Class Support

Aren’t you tired of calling customer service and being met with an automated, generic message that doesn’t provide much help, or even worse, it’s not in your language? An MDM solution without a world-class support system is like a job half done. The Moki support team is capable and eager to understand our customer’s queries and provide the best possible resolution with total transparency and accuracy in both English and Spanish. Our response time is almost immediate, but guaranteed to be less than an hour Monday and Friday from 8:00am – 8:00pm EST.

4. BrightSign Compatibility

Throughout the MDM industry, many providers are not compatible with BrightSign devices. Moki; however, is a proud partner with BrightSign to offer robust, yet easy to use, player management software. Moki now offers Remote Control Functionality for all Brightsign devices which allows you to see and interact with your BrightSign device from anywhere. You will be able to see what is on the device and interact with it directly from your computer.

5. Pricing Flexibility and Customization

When looking to work with an MDM provider, pricing is one of the most important items. Some providers charge an arm and a leg for development or large fleets of devices. Our pricing is flexible and well-crafted to meet every need of partners without pushing unnecessary add ons.With our pricing, there are no hidden costs or fees and we don’t charge extra for support!  If a customer is moving from a current MDM provider, we will price match and provide 30 free migration days.

6. Expertise & Scalability

Whether you are deploying digital signage for the first time or simply want to increase your business’ fleet of devices, Moki is a mobile device management software that can scale with you as your business grows. From 10 to 100,000+ devices, Moki has you covered. All you have to do is reach out to your Moki representative, and we will be more than happy to get your account set up and deployed.

A mobile device management software like Moki comes with numerous features, functionalities, and capabilities that provide multiple advantages over other MDM solutions. Schedule a demo today to see how Moki can help you seamlessly deploy your fleet of digital devices.





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