Using Dropbox to Host Video and Image Content on MokiTouch 2 iOS

MokiTouch 2 now supports Dropbox to host your content. 


Here are step-by-step instructions on how to get started: 


1. Log in to your Dropbox account. 

2. Select the “+” icon to upload your content to Dropbox. 

3. Once that finishes, highlight the file. Once highlighted, a “Share” icon should appear. 

4. Copy the provided URL.


5. Format Dropbox Share Link for Screensaver Use:

1) Change ‘www’ to ‘dl’
2) Delete the querystring ‘?dl=0’

Example Original Link: https://
Example Modified Link: https://


6. Paste the edited URL into the MokiTouch 2 “Content List” and/or the “Screensaver Content List Setup” sections. Select “Save” to apply your settings. 

(Important: for the screensaver, make sure that the “Reset when Idle For” option is set to a specified time and that the “On Reset Go To” option is set to “Screensaver”. 

8. Done! Several videos can be added to MokiTouch 2 using the above method. 




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