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Moki allows you to view action history in three ways. First, by clicking on the “Action History” navigation, you are able to view all scheduled actions in the system including those that are pending and those that are completed.  Action History


In the Scheduled tab, you can see all pending scheduled actions. If you have 2-Person Authorization enabled, this is where you can approve or reject requested scheduled actions.

Scheduled Action history


In the History tab, you can view all actions that have been run in the account. You can track the success rate for your devices and determine the next steps if needed.

History Tab


Each device group contains a link to view the Scheduled Action history filtered for actions applied to that device group. Device Groups


You can view all actions that have occurred on a specific device by clicking on the device in the Device List and then clicking on the action history tab. You can track all actions for the device, including automated actions such as those run on each heartbeat (Query Extended Information) and any manually run actions along with their current status; which can be one of the following:


  • Created: action is sitting in the device queue
  • Scheduled: action has been acknowledged by the device
  • Completed: action has been completed by the device
  • Failed: action failed to complete


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