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This article will help you understand the functionality of Action Templates within Moki’s iOS Platform.


Action Templates allow you to create and pre-save the options for the Change Device Settings Action. The template will then be saved allowing you to choose it whenever needing to run the “Change Device Settings” actions as a single action or as a part of an action sequence.

How to create an Action Template

  1. Make sure that you find yourself within your iOS portal.
  2. Click on the Action Templates tab.
  3. Once you are in the Action Templates tab, find the plus sign in the upper right-hand corner to create a template. Click on this button.
  4. Fill out the pop-out form and title it as you desire, then click Save.
  5. Now you will be able to see all previously created action templates within your Moki portal.

How to use an Action template

  1. Find the Change Device Settings action, whether it is being run as a single action or in an Action Sequence. Click on the action and you will see the following.
  2. Under the “Select saved template” section click the drop-down allowing you to choose any saved Action Templates. The action will now mimic the settings that were outlined in the template.
  3. Click the “Apply to selected” or the “Apply to all” button and the action will now be run directly onto the device.

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